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Arachidonic acid

28 August, 2009 by

Martek Biosciences has entered into a multi-year, sole-source supply agreement with Milk Powder Solutions, based in Australia. Under the terms of the agreement, Martek will serve as Milk Powder Solutions' exclusive supplier for all of its ARA needs for infant formula products in China and Vietnam under the Gold Cow brand name.

Aseptic processing of rice pudding

26 May, 2009 by

Risifrutti is a rice pudding that can be eaten directly from the cup either as a dessert or as a snack. While it is simple and convenient to eat, it is not an easy product to make.

Fonterra considers acquiring Dairy Farmers

14 May, 2008

New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra is considering acquiring Australia’s Dairy Farmers.

Imitation cream

10 October, 2007

Fine bakery and dairy products deserve a high-quality whipped cream for decoration and filling applications, where taste, stability and economy of use are paramount.

Dairy research pays off

13 June, 2007

The milk composition of each of the four-million-odd cows making the NZ dairy herd was screened in 2000-2001. A single cow, Marge, was thoughtfully purchased for $300 when it was found that her milk was particularly low in saturated fat

Wheying up the benefits of ricotta

09 March, 2006

Ricotta cheese could provide Commonwealth Games athletes with an alternative to the ‘rocket fuel and designer drinks’ now popular with muscle men, gym junkies and fitness fanatics.

Echidna milk unlikely study tool

31 January, 2006

High tech analysis of milk from an echidna will assist Australian Dairy CRC scientists to discover new components, known as bioactives, which may have health and nutritional benefits for humans.

Milk composition analysis

23 January, 2006

Advanced Instruments' Combi-Scope Analyser is a reliable system that performs both milk composition analysis and somatic cell counting for rapid milk testing in dairy laboratories.

Ice-cream for well-being

23 September, 2005

The Frutarom Functional Ice-cream Product Range lets ice-cream manufacturers provide the public with the functional products that it increasingly demands. Low calorie ice-creams and ice-creams containing probiotics are just two examples of added value products. Until now, few ice-cream producers have investigated the benefits of including plant extracts in their products, a trend which the beverage and dairy industries are already taking full advantage of. Exciting products for well-being, combining good taste with a variety of functionalities, offer the manufacturer innumerable opportunities for novel products.

Phytosterols for dairy

13 September, 2005

Canadian biotech firm Forbes Medi-Tech has gained European approval to market its cholesterol-lowering ingredient Reducol in seven new food applications.

Genes for higher protein milk

09 September, 2005

Israeli scientists have discovered a gene that determines the concentration of protein found in cow's milk, and plan to use that finding to spur the production of higher-protein milk in dairy herds all over the world.

Removing lactose

30 August, 2005

A Finnish innovation has resulted in a patent for the first method for removing lactose from food without affecting flavour.

A cheese by any other name

27 December, 2004

Sheep's milk cheese in brine may not sound very appetising, but according to an ANU researcher this is how Australian feta cheese makers could be forced to label their produce, if the European Union pushes new rules through the World Trade Organisation.

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