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Universal Robots robotic arms

16 May, 2014

Universal Robots robotic arms are in compliance with the ISO standard for collaborative robots, meaning they can work right alongside employees without extensive safety guarding. From the small machine shop to the auto assembly line, the robots span a multitude of industries.

Formatic 180 Stacker

14 May, 2014

The 180 Stacker is a floor-standing forming and portioning machine that will automatically stack burger patties or other products with or without auto paper interleaving.

Milmeq Storage and Retrieval System

13 May, 2014

The Milmeq Storage and Retrieval System (SARS) acts as an interface between the main process line and the load out and palletising area. Milmeq developed the automated storage and retrieval system to drive efficiencies into the back end of food processing facilities.

NBE integrated bulk material handling system

02 May, 2014

NBE has introduced an automated bulk material handling and packaging system built on the NBE integrated construction and controls infrastructure.

The future of food manufacturing is Industry 4.0 - are you on the journey yet?

07 April, 2014

The journey to Industry 4.0 has begun - it’s time to get on board to ensure the future of your food/beverage manufacturing operation. Robotic mobility, additive manufacturing, technology upgrades and smarter systems are some of the stepping stones towards the 4th industrial revolution. Get this white paper to learn more.


Reducing costs, minimising downtime and maintaining hygiene in food and beverage manufacturing

03 March, 2014

Recent events, such as the troubles facing SPC Ardmona, have illustrated the immense stress this industry is under to optimise production and keep costs low to remain economically viable. Manufacturers across the world are taking a close look at their operations to see where they can find cost savings. This white paper discusses cost-saving solutions including decentralised drive technologies. Download now to read more.

Adept Technology SoftPIC food grippers

03 March, 2014

Adept Technology SoftPIC food grippers and graspers enable fast, accurate and hygienic transfer of product in both primary and secondary food packaging operations.

National Bulk Equipment automated material handling system

09 August, 2013

National Bulk Equipment has available an automated material handling system for moving fragile food product through multiple process operations into bulk storage for temporary holding prior to final packaging.

Track and trace eBook

25 June, 2013

Traceability is particularly important in the food processing industry because if something goes wrong there is a genuine risk that consumers may die. The root cause of any contamination needs to be identified and all affected food traced and removed from consumer access with all possible speed.

Dematic RapidStore MiniLoad automated storage and handling systems

08 April, 2013

Dematic RapidStore Mini Load (ML) systems provide increased performance for automated storage and handling of products such as cartons, cases, totes and trays weighing up to 450 kg.

ABB IRB 460 compact palletising robot

29 March, 2013

ABB’s IRB 460 compact palletising robot is claimed to be the fastest of its kind. The 4-axis robot’s small footprint makes it suitable for fitting into existing packing lines.

Ferrostaal high-speed robotic palletising solution

26 March, 2013

At AUSPACK PLUS 2013, Ferrostaal will display a high-speed robotic palletising solution. It is a compact, portable, stand-alone robotic palletising cell that is plug and play.

Dematic Multishuttle 2 high-volume order fulfilment system

08 March, 2013

Dematic’s second-generation Multishuttle 2 incorporates advanced engineering, lightweight aluminium construction and a load extractor for faster operating speeds, higher payload capacity and multideep storage capability.

Technosoft iPOS360x SX multi-axis motion system

20 February, 2013

iPOS360x SX allows users to plug in up to four iPOS3602 VX or iPOS3604 VX intelligent drives and provides all the necessary connectors (motor, encoder feedback and I/O signal) for each drive.

Dematic RapidStore UL automated storage and retrieval systems

18 February, 2013

Compared to conventional storage systems and materials handling equipment, RapidStore UL is claimed to require a smaller building footprint to house the same number of pallets or unit loads.

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