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IDF debunks myths about dairy and sugar

30 September, 2019

The IDF World Dairy Summit revealed that naturally occurring sugars in milk and other dairy products are healthy and do not cause weight gain.

What are the health benefits of goat milk kefir?

27 June, 2019

Goat milk kefir, a fermented dairy product, is associated with antihypertensive, antioxidant and antibacterial activity, according to new research.

More milk recalled over E. coli fears

21 June, 2019

Victoria and parts of New South Wales have been hit with a second milk recall in a week due to possible E. coli microbial contamination.

Milk recalled over contamination fears

14 June, 2019

Lactalis Australia is recalling eight varieties of 1 L milk products over fears they may contain "an amount of food grade dairy cleaning solution".

Stay clear of contaminated cheese

17 April, 2019

Four of Washed Rind's French cheeses are being pulled from supermarket shelves across Australia due to potential microbial Listeria contamination.

Test to combat buffalo mozzarella fraud

21 March, 2019

A test that uses mass spectrometry to differentiate between buffalo and cow's milk has uncovered some mislabelled products.

Canary Butter Sheets

01 January, 2019

Maxum Foods provides Canary Butter Sheets which are made from New Zealand creamery butter.

Sensient Technologies DairyBoost Plus

21 December, 2018

The DairyBoost range of natural extract flavouring systems delivers the rich mouthfeel and authentic characteristics associated with full-fat dairy products.

Predicted growth for APAC functional dairy products

18 October, 2018

Health awareness in the APAC region has been increasing and consumers are expected to switch to functional dairy products fortified with vitamins, according to GlobalData.

Mediterranean cheese produced 7200 years ago

10 September, 2018

Pottery from Croatia has revealed evidence of Mediterranean cheese production from 7200 years ago, and this could have aided the expansion of early farmers into Europe.

FDA decides not all milks are milk

01 August, 2018

The FDA is reviewing labelling requirements for plant-based products that are used as substitutes for dairy products, such as soy and almond milk.

This is whey unfair

01 August, 2018

Contaminated whey powder in the US is causing a flurry of recalls across the nation.

Full-fat dairy could help heart health

16 July, 2018

Fears that full-fat dairy products may increase cardiovascular risk have been challenged by a new study which found whole dairy products may actually help prevent severe strokes.

Walmart enters the food production business

19 June, 2018

In the US, Walmart has just opened its first milk processing operation — will Australian grocers follow suit and become food manufacturers too?

DuPont Nutrition & Health announces rBST-free dairy cultures

16 May, 2018

In reponse to consumer preference in the US, the company announced its dairy culture line will not obtain rBST ingredients moving forward.

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