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Solar salt leads production in the Asia–Pacific region

18 July, 2016

The Asia–Pacific region will account for 45% of salt consumed by 2020, and most will be solar.

Collaboration looks for alternatives to salt

06 July, 2016

Many companies are seeking to address the concerns of health professionals and consumers and reduce the salt content of their products. Nestlé has just extended its collaboration with life sciences company Chromocell Corporation in a bid to jointly develop novel ingredients that can be used to create nutritious, tasty foods that contain less salt.

Hyperactive monocytes key to childhood food allergies?

19 January, 2016 by Adam Florence

An Australian study has found an immune 'signature' that identifies babies at risk of developing allergies to common foods in their first year.

Consumers want 'clean' yoghurt, and they're willing to pay for it

21 October, 2014

A survey has found that consumers desire dairy products, such as yoghurt, prepared with simple and familiar ingredients and would consider paying extra for these attributes.

Push for healthier food is an opportunity for additive manufacturers

21 August, 2014

A report on the global additives market has concluded that while synthetic food additives have been falling out of favour, demands for reductions in sugar, salt and saturated fat levels present new opportunities for manufacturers of food additives.

Submissions on food additive welcomed

16 May, 2014

Seafood New Zealand Limited has lodged an application with FSANZ seeking approval for the additive sodium hydrosulpfite. The additive is used to change the colour of abalone.

Regulatory bodies are looking at energy drinks and consumer health

09 April, 2014

Regulatory bodies and consumer groups are taking a closer look at links between energy drinks and health issues - especially for younger consumers.

Ashland Specialty Ingredients Polyclar stabilisers

16 October, 2013

Ashland Specialty Ingredients' Polyclar stabilisers are used to prevent the development of colloidal haze - permanently insoluble particulate which can be seen by the human eye and be perceived as haze - thus extending the shelf life of beer.

Ashland Aqualon and Blanose cellulose gums

19 September, 2013

Ashland Specialty Ingredients' Aqualong and Blanose cellulose gums are used in masa flour mixes to improve water absorption and retention in tortilla dough, both cooked and uncooked.

High omega-3s claimed to increase risk of prostate cancer

19 July, 2013

Fatty acids derived from fatty fish and fish-oil supplements, usually lauded as ‘cardio cure-alls’, have been found to increase the risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer.

Substar tocopherol replacement product

02 June, 2012

Vitiva has launched Substar, a rosemary-based, oil-soluble oxidation management system. Substar is an alternative to tocopherols for protecting shelf life in a variety of food, cosmetic, pet food and animal feed products.

Antimicrobial for RTE products launched

15 May, 2012

Kemin has launched an antimicrobial for ready-to-eat (RTE) products. BactoCease is a propionic acid-based antimicrobial designed to protect RTE meat and poultry products from Listeria monocytogenes.

Gelita collagen protein solution

28 June, 2011 by

Gelita has developed a number of ingredient concepts based on collagen proteins.

Woolworths bread now salt reduced

10 May, 2011

Woolworths store-baked soft white bread now contains 25% less salt and the company has also reduced salt in its wholemeal, grain and sourdough breads.

Mycoprotein safe for average consumer

03 March, 2011

Research suggests that while most people can consume Quorn products safely, certain people who already react to fungi or moulds may may also react to Quorn.

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