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Levy to combat oyster mortality syndrome

09 December, 2014

Australian Seafood Industries (ASI) will collect a levy, in conjunction with hatcheries, to undertake research into developing spat with resistance to the Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome (POMS).

Tastier food for soldiers with MATS technology

28 November, 2014

Defence ration packs could get an overhaul thanks to Microwave Assisted Thermal Sterilisation (MATS) technology, which has been shown to produce better-tasting packaged foods in minutes rather than hours.

Food processing training centre to boost food industry competitiveness

03 November, 2014

Australian food manufacturers aiming to stay globally competitive will benefit from a new University of Sydney centre that launched today (3 November): the ARC Training Centre for the Australian Food Processing Industry in the 21st Century (ARCFPTC).

Farm fresh milk keeps kids healthy

22 October, 2014

A European study has shown that infants fed on fresh, unprocessed milk rather than UHT milk are less prone to infection.

Why process food?

03 October, 2014 by Johannes Baensch

What's interesting is that when a person makes a perfect cup of coffee by hand, the element of craftsmanship is acknowledged. But when the same process is performed industrially, there's little recognition of the expertise involved.

CSIRO and Fonterra partner to drive sustainable dairy innovation

14 August, 2014

Fonterra has partnered with the CSIRO to drive innovation in sustainable farming, manufacturing, health, nutrition and consumer dairy products. CSIRO will use its scientific capability to help propel Fonterra's V3 strategy.

3D printing to feed US soldiers

31 July, 2014

The US Army is looking at novel ways to feed its troops - including 3D printing food. Lauren Oleksyk, a food technologist with the NSRDEC, is investigating 3D applications for food processing and product development.

Dairy research to help Australia meet growing dairy demand

23 July, 2014

The new ARC Dairy Innovation Hub is set up to help Australian dairy manufacturers capture the growing Asian demand for dairy by developing new products.

Reducing spoilage

11 July, 2014

Innovative packages are the key in the fight against food loss and wastage. More effective barrier layers, germicidal films and freshness indicators are intended to help products to keep for longer and halt consumers' throwaway mentality. However, despite all these improvements, companies have to keep a constant eye on process efficiency and on costs.

Nestlé creates modular factories for developing world

08 July, 2014

Nestlé has revealed plans for a modular factory that can be built in half the time that it takes to build a conventional factory - and for half the cost.

SPX and PeopleFlo announce collaboration

26 June, 2014

SPX and PeopleFlo Manufacturing have signed a technical and commercial agreement that will see the two companies collaborate on a project to develop new technology.

Test run equipment before purchase

20 June, 2014

A new test facility in the Netherlands is allowing food processors to test their production methods to see if the proposed improvements in efficiency and quality can be realised.

Theory could reduce lumps in powdered foods

10 June, 2014

Scientists from Nestlé say they've developed a theory that will predict the way soluble substances will dissolve in water with greater accuracy than ever before. The theory could help food manufacturers develop food and beverage products that give a smoother texture with fewer lumps when mixed with liquid.

The sound of science: using acoustics for coffee roasting

23 May, 2014

Acoustician Preston S Wilson explored the potential of using the ‘cracking’ sounds emitted by coffee beans during the roasting process as the basis for an automated acoustical roast monitoring technique.

Acrylamide in Aust foods and beverages comparable to global levels

02 May, 2014

The first phase of the 24th Australian Total Diet Study (ATDS) has been released by FSANZ. The study examines Australian consumers' dietary exposure to acrylamide and aluminium.

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