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NIZO and PSE form a centre of excellence for food product and process modelling

26 April, 2017

Dutch food and nutrition contract research organisation NIZO and UK-based Process Systems Enterprise have announced the formation of the Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Food Product and Process Modelling.

How to stop mould growing on fresh food

24 March, 2017

A plasma-based technology is proving successful in stopping the growth of moulds on fresh produce.

Using shellfish to fight food poisoning

23 March, 2017

Chitosan — a natural carbohydrate derived from crustacean shells — has been found to have potential to fight Clostridium perfringens food poisoning, which causes abdominal pain, stomach cramps, diarrhoea and nausea.

Baker Perkins MPF19 benchtop extruder for research and product development

16 February, 2017

Baker Perkins has added a new version of the benchtop MPF19 to its range of twin-screw extruders for the food industry.

Precision coating method for granular material

05 December, 2016

An Austrian team has developed a method for coating large volumes of granular material homogeneously.

Heat process adds weeks to the shelf life of milk

28 July, 2016

The shelf life of milk can be extended by several weeks by rapidly heating and cooling it, US researchers have shown.

Feeding pigs

18 July, 2016

Pelleting and extrusion can increase the digestability of pig food.

TGA-listed infant formula

13 July, 2016

Functional Foods Global has implemented manufacturing processes that go well beyond what Australian standards require in the manufacture of its TGZ-listed infant formula.

What is the inverted Cheerios effect, and why does it matter?

20 June, 2016

Scientists have described the 'inverted Cheerios effect' — the interaction of liquid drops on soft solid surfaces — a discovery which may open up new opportunities in engineering and the life sciences.

Plasma irradiation improves vegetable harvest

09 June, 2016

Scientists from Japan have successfully used 'non-thermal air plasma irradiation' to improve the harvest of a crop of salad leaves.

HIPSTER wants to change the face of food processing

25 February, 2016

A collaborative, industry-driven research project is endeavouring to overcome the barriers to wide-scale implentation of HPT technology in the food industry.

Corporate Partners lean manufacturing program

30 November, 2015

To fuel growth into new market segments, senior management at Birch & Waite engaged Corporate Partners to implement a lean manufacturing program throughout their business.

Pork CRC turning research into reality

08 October, 2015

Four key research projects that will benefit Australia's pork industry are nearing commercial reality.

Dairy industry changes benefit cows and consumers

08 October, 2015

Profound changes in the dairy industry in recent decades have benefited the health and welfare of both dairy cows and consumers.

Freeze drying: it IS rocket science!

06 October, 2015

American researchers have set out to improve freeze-drying technology to make it safer and more affordable — and they are applying the principles of rocket science to do it.

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