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From bread to bulb

11 November, 2015

Researchers have found a way to create LEDs from food and beverage waste.

Pasteurisation system helps food waste AD facility achieve PAS 110 certification

02 November, 2015

Pasteurisation technology supplied by HRS Heat Exchangers has helped international waste-to-product business Shanks Group gain PAS 110 certification for its Westcott Park AD facility in Buckinghamshire, UK.

What a waste of potatoes

28 October, 2015

Food waste is a hot topic, and the humble potato is a disproportionate victim of our wasteful ways.

Container deposit scheme: the state of play

22 October, 2015 by Mike Ritchie, Director, MRA Consulting Group

The NSW Government announced in February 2015 that it had a preference to introduce a container deposit scheme. That announcement was endorsed by the Opposition. So what is the state of play beyond NSW?

Technology creates cattle feed from food waste

08 October, 2015

A Mexican company has patented technology to extract nutrients from the organic waste generated by hotels and restaurants and transform them into a main ingredient for cattle food.

Initiative diverts food waste to nourish depleted soils

07 October, 2015

Yarra Valley Farms, a fruit and vegetable wholesaler, and Eco Guardians, which markets a food waste dehydration system, have launched an initiative to transform food waste into nutrient-rich, concentrated organic fertiliser.

Eco-friendly beer?

25 September, 2015

An Australian consulting firm has launched a lighthearted video about the environmental impacts of beer to encourage manufacturers to spread the word about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into achieving sustainable production.

Biofuel from wine waste

25 August, 2015

Australian researchers have created a competitive biofuel from the waste left over from wine processing.

Creating fashion from slaughterhouse waste

03 August, 2015

A student in Switzerland has developed a method for obtaining high-quality fibres from a by-product of slaughterhouse waste.

Beercycling: Danes take recycling, urine and beer to a new level

09 July, 2015

Danish music festival goers' urine was collected to make beer for the next concert.

Organic agriculture: sustainable and profitable

23 June, 2015

A study has found that organically grown products can be financially competitive with conventionally grown products.

Financing first for biogas project

10 June, 2015

A third-party financing structure has been established for a biogas project at a meat processor.

Hydrothane STP ECSB (external circulation sludge bed)

13 April, 2015

The Hydrothane high-rate anaerobic process takes organic content within wastewater and generates green energy. It is a vertical design suitable for a limited space.

One extra day of shelf life equals 250,000 tonnes of food waste prevented

16 March, 2015

Increasing the shelf life of certain foods by just one extra day could prevent around 250,000 tonnes of food going to waste each year, according to British sustainability organisation WRAP.

Energy Efficient Loans boost productivity for manufacturing, agriculture

24 February, 2015

The Energy Efficient Loan program, a joint initiative from the Commonwealth Bank and Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) is financing technologies that reduce energy costs.

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