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Turning wine waste into valuable products

20 May, 2020

A collaborative project is transforming the leftovers of the Australian wine industry into nutraceutical ingredients.

Clearing the haze for white wine makers

11 May, 2020

Novel magnetic nanotechnology has been developed to quickly and efficiently remove haze-forming proteins, which could result in savings for the wine industry.

Keeping arsenic out of alcohol

25 March, 2019

A material often used as a filter to make wine and beer clearer could be transferring heavy metals such as arsenic into the beverages, according to a new study.

Scientists develop seaweed-based beer

14 March, 2019

University of the Sunshine Coast scientists and Newstead Brewing Co have partnered to develop a beer using Australian-farmed seaweed in an effort to promote it as a nutritious, tasty and locally grown resource.

Using air to brew beer

31 January, 2019

US-based brewery Suffolk Punch Brewing installed a compressed air system from ELGi to accommodate its current air demand whilst allowing for future growth.

Aussie app to protect wine industry

14 January, 2019

An app called Snap Send Solve is being used to help protect the Mornington Peninsula wine industry from biosecurity threats, namely phylloxera.

Wild yeast and hotter climate wine

05 December, 2018

The presence and use of 'natural' or 'wild' yeasts during wine production is traditionally discouraged, but this may be about to change.

Magnetic extraction system saves thousands in winery equipment repair

27 November, 2018

One of the largest risks to profitability in winemaking is damage to expensive processing equipment.

Automating Australia's wine industry with compressed air

15 November, 2018

Air-compressor manufacturer ELGi Equipments has been helping winemakers in India increase their process quality and speed with pneumatic equipment powered by compressed air.

Producing better white wine

28 August, 2018

UniSA doctoral candidate Brian Murphy is researching a processing method to make white wine crystal clear and better for the environment.

How craft brewers can scale up

25 June, 2018

Partnerships with reliable breweries can assist craft brewers to scale up and keep up with demand without overstretching their resources.

Magnetic particles could improve the flavour of wine

19 June, 2018

Scientists have found a way to remove unwanted flavours from wine without impacting the rest of the bouquet using tiny magnetic particles.

Maximum solids removal with minimal cleaning

30 May, 2018

Production in the wine industry could be increased by more than 7% with the use of titanium filtration membranes.

Boiling wort is no longer fundamental to brewing

18 April, 2018

AB InBev has developed a brewing process that delivers a 5% reduction in CO2 emissions, reduction in energy use and 0.5% lower water consumption.

The maths behind the bubbles in Guinness

17 April, 2018

Beer and maths — an unlikely combo you may think, but when drinks giant Diageo wanted to know more about the strange behaviour of bubbles in a glass of Guinness the company turned to a mathematician.

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