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Distilling from grape to glass: crafting spirits from scratch

17 June, 2021

Republic of Fremantle in WA uses innovative 'grape to glass' distilling methods to create its base spirit from locally sourced wine.

Finding new life for wine-grape residue

27 April, 2021

The findings show that wine waste, also known as pomace or marc, could become a source for supplements or food products.

Steinecker Phoebus membrane filtration

13 April, 2021

Krones' Steinecker Phoebus is a membrane filter developed based on the Hydronomic UF (ultrafiltration) water treatment system.

From grape waste to regenerative wine bottle

18 September, 2020

RMIT students have developed a regenerative wine bottle from the solid remains of grapes after vinification.

Gintonica launches gin podcast

07 September, 2020

Gintonica has launched a new podcast to provide gin lovers with an insight into the Australian gin industry and share stories of local distilleries.

Barrell Craft Spirits enters Australia with Orrsum Spirits deal

26 August, 2020

Barrell Craft Spirits (BCS) is set to expand distribution into Australia, the company's first direct export outside of the US.

BrewDog's $55m carbon-negative plan

25 August, 2020

As its Brisbane brews launch, BrewDog unveiled a $55m climate action plan that includes a host of sustainability initiatives introduced in Australia.

Sustainable schooner

18 August, 2020

Young Henrys' brewers, in association with scientists from the UTS Climate Change Cluster (C3), are using algae to cut carbon emissions.

Take the guesswork out of sour beer brewing

18 August, 2020

Researchers have studied how acids and other flavour components evolve while sour beer ages with an aim to help brewers brew better beers.

Aussie technology protects wines from counterfeiters

16 June, 2020

An Australian technology suite called eBottli uses high-tech tracking and blockchain data to protect premium Australian wine from counterfeiters.

GENE-UP BREW beer testing system

01 June, 2020

GENE-UP BREW is designed to provide a fast, simple and accurate method for the detection of spoilage organisms in beer during both production and post packaging.

Turning wine waste into valuable products

20 May, 2020

A collaborative project is transforming the leftovers of the Australian wine industry into nutraceutical ingredients.

Clearing the haze for white wine makers

11 May, 2020

Novel magnetic nanotechnology has been developed to quickly and efficiently remove haze-forming proteins, which could result in savings for the wine industry.

Keeping arsenic out of alcohol

25 March, 2019

A material often used as a filter to make wine and beer clearer could be transferring heavy metals such as arsenic into the beverages, according to a new study.

Scientists develop seaweed-based beer

14 March, 2019

University of the Sunshine Coast scientists and Newstead Brewing Co have partnered to develop a beer using Australian-farmed seaweed in an effort to promote it as a nutritious, tasty and locally grown resource.

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