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Cold pasteurisation to replace sulfites in wine?

04 June, 2014

German company Edecto has developed and patented a 'cold pasteurisation' method that preserves liquid products at moderate temperatures. The method is being trialled with wine as an alternative to sulfur dioxide as a preservative.

Magnetised yeast makes sparkling wine faster

29 May, 2014

The time taken to remove waste yeast from wine can be reduced from weeks to minutes if the yeast itself is magnetised.

How many bubbles in a glass of bubbly? Fewer than you'd think

09 April, 2014

A single glass of champagne is generally thought to contain 15 million bubbles on average. But a French chemist has challenged this figure, suggesting that the mathematical formula used to arrive at this estimate has oversimplified the matter.

Grupo Petrópolis grows with Krones

03 March, 2014

As part of its rapid expansion, Grupo Petrópolis - Brazil's second-largest brewing conglomerate - has built two new breweries, each with a capacity of six million hectolitres. Krones won the turnkey order for the two breweries.

Nothing but beer leaves Erdinger brewery

28 February, 2014

To ensure no keg filled with caustic lye leaves its brewery, Erdinger Weissbräu installed a FLIR Systems A-Series thermal imaging camera that measures the temperature of every keg before it leaves the conveyor belt of the filling installation.

KATflow ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeters for the brewing industry

07 February, 2014

This paper looks at a flow measurement solution for the brewing industry that helps companies increase production process efficiency, save energy and resources, and reduce costs.

Krones AG CombiCube system

05 February, 2014

The Krones AG CombiCube system is suitable for smaller specialty breweries with up to 250,000 hectolitres of sales-quality beer or large industrial-scale breweries that brew small batches of specialty beers. The system is modularised in construction, permits a customised design configuration and can be easily expanded.

CoMac 1T-OW one-way plastic keg filling system

04 February, 2014

CoMac has developed a compact single-head, semi-automatic, one-way keg filling system - the 1T-OW - for the non-returnable craft beer keg market.

Sorting the MOG from the must

18 December, 2013

Key Technology has conducted several full-season trials with wineries in North America, Europe and Australia to verify the effectiveness of its VitiSort sorter for red wine grapes.

NZ focuses on 'lifestyle' wines

04 December, 2013

A partnership between the New Zealand wine industry and the Ministry for Primary Industries is aiming to make the country the world’s leading producer of high-quality, reduced-calorie and lower-alcohol 'lifestyle' wines.

Key Technology VitiSort red wine grape sorter

29 November, 2013

Key Technology's VitiSort is designed for sorting red wine grapes. The compact system combines a patent-pending mechanical MOG (material other than grape) removal shaker and optical sorting with an integral juice recovery system.

Why beer bubbles over - the physics of beer bottle foam-over

25 November, 2013

Finally, some important physics - researchers have worked out why if you tap the bottom of a newly opened beer bottle it froths up and foams everywhere.

WFA to consider feedback on wine industry consultation

25 October, 2013

A two-month consultation period on the wine industry has closed. Individuals and wine organisations were asked to submit feedback on 33 recommended actions aimed at restoring the wine industry’s profitability.

Salmon food from whisky

04 October, 2013

The Scottish salmon and whisky industries are teaming up to boost sustainability. The partnership will convert co-products from whisky production into feed for salmon and fish farming.

Australian Brewery brings back the can

26 September, 2013

With so many boutique breweries springing up, brewers need to do something different to stand out from the pack. A Sydney-based craft brewery, the Australian Brewery, decided to break from tradition by brewing in cans.

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