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Mecmesin Emperor software

06 July, 2010 by

Mecmesin Emperor software for tension and compression testing has been designed for use in quality control laboratories where the mechanical properties of manufactured products need to be assessed on a routine basis.

Corona Giken STtuve III bacterial contamination test

06 July, 2010 by

Corona Giken has released the STtuve III, a simple and reliable method for the in-house testing of surfaces for the presence of bacterial contamination. Designed as a fully self-contained system, each test contains a sterile sampling swab, selective bacterial culture media and a sanitising solution.

Dionex Application Note 231: Determination of Melamine in Milk

06 July, 2010

Dionex Application Note 231: Determination of Melamine in Milk by Ion Chromatography with UV Detection describes a method that uses the IonPac CS17 column and UV detection to determine the amount of melamine in samples of milk, powdered milk and a milk-containing candy.

Thermo Scientific iCE 3500 atomic absorption spectrometer

06 July, 2010

The iCE 3500 atomic absorption spectrometer allows simple analysis of cadmium in chocolate, while SOLAAR software enables easy method development.

Sunflower seed oil analysis by NMR

05 July, 2010

Trakya Birlik, an agricultural cooperative based in Edirne, Turkey, has purchased 21 Oxford Instruments Magnetic Resonance MQC-5 benchtop NMR analysers. The instruments will be used as part of an initiative to improve sunflower seed oil yield.

Waco can quality testing equipment

13 June, 2010

The range of Waco can quality testing equipment includes video seam monitors, can seam thickness gauges, score groove for pop-up openers, countersink depth, flange width, can strippers, enamel raters and the Accuseam 2000 computerised double seam control system for food or beverage cans.

IDM Instruments F0022 Flexseal leak detection system

11 May, 2010 by

The IDM Instruments F0022 Flexseal advanced leak detection system, designed in conjunction with Amcor Research and Technology, can be used for monitoring the seal performance of flexible and semi-rigid packages.

Mettler Toledo FiveGo dissolved oxygen meter

11 May, 2010 by

The FiveGo dissolved oxygen can be used to simplify measuring of dissolved oxygen and is suitable for numerous food and beverage applications as well as for use in other industry segments.

NIR Technology Cropscan 2000B near infrared transmission analyser

11 May, 2010

The Cropscan 2000B near infrared transmission analyser is suitable for use by grain processors, flour millers, stock feed manufacturers, oil seed crushers, meal manufacturers and biofuel producers.

Anton Paar L-Dens 323 density meter

10 May, 2010

The Anton Paar L-Dens 323 density meter for the food industry is available with wetted parts made of Hastelloy. The meter is suitable for the continuous monitoring of the density or concentration of liquids when an accuracy of 1x10-3 g/cm3 is required for the density results.

BioControl Systems Lightning MVP cleaning verification

07 May, 2010 by

Portable ATP bioluminescent-based tests are very common in many food processing plants, and the test is now a widely recognised method for rapid hygiene testing. However, not all ATP systems are the same, and some may provide false and variable results. Potential sources of variability include the luminometer, temperature, sanitiser residues, storage condition of the swabs and operator technique.

On Site Generating Solutions QC measurement method

06 May, 2010 by

Production quality and uniformity in food processing and its subsequent packaging is closely related to good quality control during the manufacturing process. Good process control and monitoring is critical. This is true for production of both the food product itself, the packaging and, of course, for putting the former inside the latter efficiently.

MicroBioLogics lyophilised reference stock cultures

06 May, 2010 by

MicroBioLogics produces lyophilised reference stock cultures and enumerated microorganism preparations for quality control laboratories. Ready-to-use reference stock cultures can alleviate labour-intensive processes of preparing, storing and maintaining in-house cultures. Each lyophilised microorganism is no more than four passages from the reference culture and is authentic and traceable. Choose from more than 750 microorganism strains derived from well-known culture collections from around the world.

BCI Testequip VCC 1010 vacuum chamber

06 May, 2010 by

The VCC 1010 vacuum chamber from BCI Testequip provides a non-destructive leak detection system for packaging, both rigid and flexible. A fully sealed package, with or without modified atmosphere, preserves the durable quality of products and guarantees security.

Thermo Fisher Scientific isotope ratio mass spectrometry solution

06 May, 2010 by

Thermo Fisher Scientific has released an easy-to-use isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) solution for the authentication of food and beverages.

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