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Julabo Presto A30, A40 and W40 temperature control systems

14 September, 2011 by

The Julabo range of Presto temperature control systems includes the air-cooled A30 and A40 and the water-cooled W40. The units have been specifically designed for highly precise, temperature control applications as well as rapid temperature changes, making them suitable for reactor vessels, material stress tests or temperature simulations.

Atago PAL-Alpha pocket refractometer

13 September, 2011 by

Atago’s PAL-Alpha refractometer is suitable for almost any food sample and has a Brix measurement range of 0.0 to 85%. Measurement values are displayed within 3 s.

Atago RX-5000i automatic digital refractometer

12 September, 2011 by

The Atago RX-5000i is an automatic digital refractometer for the measurement of refractive index, Brix and various liquid concentrations. The RX-5000i has a measurement accuracy level of Brix ±0.03% and refractive index ±0.00004, and offers the additional convenience of touch-screen navigation and USB port. There are also four levels of access control, the ability to add user-defined scales and the ability to recall the last 500 measurements.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Antaris II Fourier-Transform Near-Infrared (FT-NIR) analyser-based food and feed analysis systems

09 September, 2011 by

Thermo Fisher Scientific has released two complete solutions featuring the Antaris II Fourier-Transform Near-Infrared (FT-NIR) analyser, for feed and ingredient analysis in agriculture and flour and milling analysis in the food processing industry. The ready-for-plant packages are both precalibrated and can rapidly analyse multiple components simultaneously without consumables, chemicals or disposal costs.

Qiagen mericon food testing portfolio

08 September, 2011 by

Qiagen’s mericon portfolio, which encompasses products for the detection of a broad range of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), pathogens and ingredients from animals or plants, has been expanded with another 11 kits.

Key Diagnostics Aller-Snap low-level protein swab

31 August, 2011 by

Aller-Snap is a quick and easy way to accurately monitor the cleanliness of surfaces to help ensure product quality.

Stuart Scientific Equipment antimicrobial equipment range

29 August, 2011 by

The Stuart range of benchtop science equipment comprises more than 100 products including block heaters, colony counters, hotplates, stirrers, rockers and shakers, rotary evaporators and water baths. Other equipment includes melting point apparatus and water stills, with the Aquatron and Merit ranges.

Mecmesin FTA 2.5 Xt Food Texture Analyser

29 August, 2011 by

The Mecmesin FTA 2.5 Xt Food Texture Analyser is based on the Mecmesin MultiTest 2.5 Xt, a 2.5 kN test centre for tension and compression.

Velp Scientifica NDA 701 Dumas nitrogen analyser

29 August, 2011 by

The Velp Scientifica NDA 701 Dumas nitrogen analyser is a simple-to-use, rapid and cost-effective instrument designed to measure protein in food, grains, animal feeds and soil.

Merck Millipore Duopath Verotoxin test for EHEC in food

29 August, 2011 by

Infection by the EHEC (enterohaemorrhagic ) E. coli pathogen is thought to be spread primarily through the consumption of contaminated food.

Merck Millipore TOS-MUP medium for bifidobacteria enumeration in milk

29 August, 2011 by

TOS-MUP medium is suitable for the enumeration of bifidobacteria in milk products.

Arrow Scientific FeedChek test for detecting MBM in cattle feed

16 August, 2011

The FeedChek test is designed to detect MBM in cattle feed to assist users to comply with regulations to prevent the spread of mad cow disease.

Quantab Chloride strips for salt content determination

21 July, 2011 by

Quantab salt is a simple method for measuring salt in food using reagent plastic strips. Only basic equipment and training is required.

Cell Biosciences Soleris optical system

13 July, 2011

Real-time microbiology with the Soleris optical system delivers quality data and helps eliminate the time-consuming microbial bottleneck. The system allows screening of raw materials or environments for early detection of contamination or positive release of product.

Neogen food allergen test kits and accessories

12 July, 2011 by

Neogen has appointed BioSys Australia as sole Australian distributor of the company’s entire range of food allergen test kits and accessories.

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