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Doughnut ice-cream hybrids arrive at 7-Eleven

29 September, 2019

Australian ice-cream giant Streets has partnered with Krispy Kreme to deliver a limited edition, Golden Gaytime-inspired doughnut and doughnut-like ice-cream.

Sweet trends

13 September, 2019

New textures, novelty flavours and reduced sugar are some of the trends to watch in the APAC confectionery sector this year, according to GlobalData.

The science behind smooth chocolate

10 May, 2019

Researchers have found that a 140-year-old mixing technique, called conching, is responsible for giving chocolate its smooth texture.

Packing lollies for millennials and everyone else

21 November, 2018

Packaging generates brand identity and sets trends, and it is particularly significant in point-of-sale items like confectionery and snacks.

tna roflo VMCS 3 vibratory chip sizer

12 February, 2018

The tna roflo VMCS 3 chip sizer uses vibratory motion to separate large from small chips to maximise packaging efficiencies and speeds. The sizer is suitable for a wide range of fried snack products, such as potato chips, as well as fruit and other root vegetable chips.

GEA SmartPacker TwinTube C

08 December, 2017

The GEA SmartPacker TwinTube C achieves up to 500 pillow bags/min. It handles products smoothly, so it is suitable for fragile products.

ViscoTec VHD Hygienic Dispenser for precision dosing

21 April, 2017

The VHD Hygienic Dispenser can be used for optimising precision dosing in the food and cosmetics sectors.

PureCircle doubles capacity of stevia plant

17 March, 2017

Global stevia producer PureCircle has completed a $42 million expansion of its stevia plant in Malaysia.

tna expands confectionery portfolio with acquisition of NID

08 March, 2017

Food processing and packaging equipment supplier tna has announced the acquisition of Australian confectionery equipment supplier NID.

Chocolate production relies on clean compressed air

06 February, 2017

When a German chocolate manufacturer needed to upgrade its compressed air station, it was clear that oil-free compressors should be used.

New lolly manufacturing technology — chewy lolly turns into chewing gum

20 January, 2017

Wacker Chemie has launched a completely new confectionery manufacturing technology that turns a chewy lolly into chewing gum after a short time. The confectionery is made in a boiling process so water-based, fat-containing and natural ingredients, such as fruit juice, cocoa and coffee, can be added to the lollies.

Nestlé research could cut sugar content of chocolate by 40%

06 December, 2016

Breakthrough research by Nestlé scientists has discovered a way to reduce the sugar content in chocolate by up to 40%.

SGL MCC 1500 chocolate moulding production line

30 November, 2016

Sandvik SGL has launched the SGL MCC 1500 high-capacity production line.

Condition-based maintenance meets chocolate moulds

27 October, 2016

Predictive maintenance extends the service life of production systems and components, supports reliable operation, increases productivity and improves cost-effectiveness. This is especially true for the moulds in the machines.

Australians love their chocolate

01 September, 2016

More than half of Australia's population consumes at least one chocolate bar in an average four-week period, so it's safe to say that we're a nation of chocolate fans.

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