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SGL MCC 1500 chocolate moulding production line

30 November, 2016

Sandvik SGL has launched the SGL MCC 1500 high-capacity production line.

Condition-based maintenance meets chocolate moulds

27 October, 2016

Predictive maintenance extends the service life of production systems and components, supports reliable operation, increases productivity and improves cost-effectiveness. This is especially true for the moulds in the machines.

Australians love their chocolate

01 September, 2016

More than half of Australia's population consumes at least one chocolate bar in an average four-week period, so it's safe to say that we're a nation of chocolate fans.

Controlling Easter egg and moulded chocolate thickness

12 August, 2016 by Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office

A new theory and a simple fabrication technique may help chocolate artisans create uniformly smooth shells and precisely tailor their thickness.

Reduced-fat chocolate

27 June, 2016

Scientists have found a way to use an electric field to reduce fat in liquid chocolate — maintaining a suitable viscosity for the manufacturing process while yielding a healthier end product.

Baker Perkins 3-dimensional starchless jelly depositing

03 April, 2016

Baker Perkins has introduced technology to deposit 3-dimensional starchless jellies.

Pump technology doubles the flow

10 February, 2016

Korean confectionery company Orion engaged JEC to develop a PD pump for its Shenyang plant to meet increasing demand for its products.

Juremont now exclusive Barry Callebaut agent

21 January, 2016

Juremont has won the exclusive Australian agency to supply Barry Callebaut cocoa powder, butter and liquor to the Australian food manufacturing sector from March 2016.

Innovation to feature at chocolate industry trade fair

13 January, 2016

Innovations in the chocolate industry are made possible by the highly flexible production lines which will be on display at ProSweets Cologne.

Beware the brazil nut effect

11 November, 2015

The production and packing of sweets and snacks presents new challenges to machines and their constructors as market demands increase.

Sensing chocolate levels

07 October, 2015 by Dr Detlef Zienert

Non-contact detection of levels of foodstuffs like melted chocolate or tomato sauce is not always simple. These media do not drain without leaving residue and deposits regularly lead to sensing errors, which make error-free measurement impossible.

Brookfield system for testing chocolate flow properties

11 May, 2015

The Brookfield DV3T Rheometer, Small Sample Adapter and a Circulating Water Bath provide a suitable system for testing chocolate samples.

Baker Perkins ServoForm depositors for soft-centre double-ball lollipops

21 April, 2015

Baker Perkins ServoForm depositors are now capable of producing soft-centred double-ball lollipops.

Baker Perkins automated confectionery cooking and depositing system

13 February, 2015

Baker Perkins has upgraded its product range to enable complete automation of cooking and depositing systems for confectionery.

Confectionery manufacturer enters voluntary administration

21 January, 2015

Melbourne confectionery manufacturer Betta Foods has appointed chartered accounting firm Cor Cordis as voluntary administrators. However, the administrators stress that it's business as usual for the company.

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