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How healthy is chicken noodle soup?

11 May, 2020

Chicken noodle soup is the go-to dish when fighting a cold or flu; a dietician explains what it is about this dish that helps the body fight the common cold.

The Product Makers Phytolin dietary supplement

01 May, 2020

Phytolin is a flexible functional ingredient and dietary supplement that can be incorporated into food and beverage formulations derived from sugarcane extract.

FSANZ calling for comment on genetically modified soybean

21 April, 2020

FSANZ is calling for public comment on an application to approve a genetically modified soybean that is resistant to a range of pests and a herbicide.

Advances in sea cucumber aquaculture

31 March, 2020

Researchers in Norway are investigating commercial farming practices for sea cucumbers.

Grainstone Brewers Premium Flour

11 March, 2020

High in protein and low in gluten, Grainstone Brewers Premium Flour is suitable for many food products, such as artisan breads and snack foods.

Fresh or freeze-dried raspberries with your muesli?

05 March, 2020

Scientists have been researching the freeze-drying process in detail in order to perfect the process efficiency and improve product quality in the future.

Aussie wheat takes the cake in Asian biscuit market

04 February, 2020

Australian soft wheat could be used to make sweet products in key Asian markets, opening the door to a new market opportunity for low-protein Australian wheat.

Call for comment on soy leghemoglobin usage in food items

08 January, 2020

FSANZ has issued a call for comment on an application by Impossible Foods Inc. for the use of a protein, soy leghemoglobin, in meat analogue products.

Australia bans sale of pure caffeine powders

13 December, 2019

On 12 December, the Australian Government acted to ban pure and highly concentrated caffeinated food products.

DuPont plant-based solutions portfolio

09 December, 2019

A launch pad to new product development, DuPont's plant-based solutions portfolio allows food producers to meet demand for meat and dairy-free foods.

Is lupin the next superfood?

03 December, 2019

Researchers are developing a way to turn lupin seed waste into treatment for high blood glucose, which could benefit people with Type 2 diabetes.

Will 2020 be the year of inulin?

19 November, 2019

Low in sugar, high in protein, inulin is a type of soluble fibre found in fruits and vegetables. It's also predicted to be the next big food trend in 2020.

Sesame seeds, market analysis

14 October, 2019 by HL Agro*

Demand for sesame seeds is expected to increase, due to the product's versatility as an antioxidant and as a functional ingredient in several products.

OptiBiotix Health SlimBiome

01 October, 2019

OptiBiotix Health Plc's SlimBiome is a patented, functional weight-loss ingredient that contains non-digestible prebiotics and dietary fibres.

Bühler catches mealworm bug, expanding insect portfolio

30 August, 2019

Bühler is expanding its insect portfolio by building a mealworm production and process facility in the Netherlands.

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