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All-year-round broccoli

01 March, 2017

A line of fast-growing sprouting broccoli that can be harvested in 8–10 weeks is being developed.

Crop load and cider quality — manipulating cider quality through horticultural practices

30 November, 2016

With an 850% increase in cider consumption in the last five years, the time is ripe for finding how to manipulate cider quality in the orchard.

Bananageddon: researchers race against time

22 August, 2016

Fungal diseases threaten to wipe out the global banana industry in just five to 10 years. But it is hoped new research will better equip researchers to develop hardier, disease-resistant banana plants and more effective disease-prevention treatments.

Marketing mangoes

29 July, 2016

Perfection Fresh Australia has purchased the exclusive sales and marketing rights to the Calypso Mango and has plans to increase consumption of the fruit both domestically and internationally.

Bagged salad winning in the US

18 July, 2016

Green leaf salad consumption increasing in the US.

Irrigating with treated wastewater exposes fruit and vegetable consumers to drugs

22 April, 2016

Eating treated wastewater-irrigated produce exposes consumers to drugs.

Doubling bananas' shelf life

13 April, 2016

By tweaking the genes that control ripening, researchers at Israel's Volcani Institute have managed to double the shelf life of bananas.

How salad vegetable surfaces harbour pathogens — and it's not how you expect

23 March, 2016

How do viruses and other pathogens cling on to salad vegetables through rinse cycles and then cause disease when the vegetables are eaten?

FSANZ invites submissions on food made from GM corn

11 February, 2016

FSANZ has called for submissions on an application to permit food from a genetically modified corn line.

Manufacture natural compounds in tomatoes

28 October, 2015

Industrial quantities of useful natural compounds like resveratrol and genistein can be produced efficiently by growing them in tomatoes.

And we are all so surprised (not)!

06 October, 2015

Imported processed tomatoes from Italian companies have been illegally dumped in Australia, according to the latest Anti-Dumping Commission finding.

You're not nuts if you answered "Almonds"

03 September, 2015

The latest Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) data shows that, with annual export sales of $522 million, almonds led the field as Australia's most valuable horticultural export product in 2014–15.

Frozen berries update: risk statement

02 June, 2015

Following the hepatitis A outbreak earlier this year, thought to be linked to frozen berry imports, the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand agency (FSANZ) has released a risk statement on the subject to the Department of Agriculture, the enforcement agency for imported food.

New method improves long-term storage of kiwifruit

01 June, 2015

A simple and non-contaminant technology method may be the answer to improving the quality of kiwifruit during long-term storage.

Coconut water continues its surge in popularity

30 October, 2014

Recent efforts to promote coconut water as a natural and healthy soft drink have moved it into the mainstream in the US and, according to Innova Market Insights, manufacturers are now focusing on developing the European market.

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