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DuPont Nutrition & Health SUPRO 90% protein nuggets

03 October, 2017

DuPont Nutrition & Health's SUPRO 90% protein nuggets have a high level of protein, and three new protein nuggets have been added to the product range.

NT Farmers rejoins AUSVEG

25 September, 2017

The Northern Territory Farmers Association (NT Farmers) has resumed its membership with AUSVEG, the national industry representative body for vegetable growers.

Researchers develop "game changer" for avocado production

05 September, 2017 by Nichola Murphy

Researchers from the University of Queensland have developed technology that could double avocado production and therefore address the world shortage.

Stolen avocados sold on Facebook

24 August, 2017 by Nichola Murphy

The demand for avocados has increased dramatically in recent years and has led to thieves in New Zealand selling stolen avocados over social media.

Foodlogistik ShreddR continuous cutting

16 August, 2017

Foodlogistik's ShreddR is a machine specifically intended for the continuous cutting of fruits and vegetables into cubes, slices or strips.

Going veggie has never looked or tasted so meaty

07 August, 2017

With a much smaller environmental footprint than meat, plant-based diets are much better placed to feed a growing population sustainably. But most people really enjoy their meat. Now you may be able to have the best of both worlds.

Ambitious plan to grow Australia's fruit and vegetable exports

07 August, 2017

A plan to export 40% more vegetables within the next three years is being implemented by Hort Innovation.

Sweet potato genome revealing its secrets

27 July, 2017

Research sponsored by the Trilateral Research Association of Sweet Potato aims to create a sweet potato pan-genome, which will allow researchers to see unique and shared traits among all varieties and be able to breed sweet potatoes with higher nutritional values, productivity, disease resistance, etc.

NZ suspends imports of rockmelons and honeydew melons

12 April, 2017

New Zealand has suspended imports of Australian rockmelons and honeydew melons that have been treated with dimethoate — effective immediately.

You may be able to enjoy some hot chips with the Martians

12 April, 2017

First things first — to enjoy some hot chips with the Martians you need to be able to grow potatoes on Mars. And current experiments show this is possible.

As cocoa shortage looms, is jackfruit the answer?

05 April, 2017

With worldwide demand for chocolate outstripping the production of cocoa beans, the hunt is on for viable alternatives.

All-year-round broccoli

01 March, 2017

A line of fast-growing sprouting broccoli that can be harvested in 8–10 weeks is being developed.

Crop load and cider quality — manipulating cider quality through horticultural practices

30 November, 2016

With an 850% increase in cider consumption in the last five years, the time is ripe for finding how to manipulate cider quality in the orchard.

Bananageddon: researchers race against time

22 August, 2016

Fungal diseases threaten to wipe out the global banana industry in just five to 10 years. But it is hoped new research will better equip researchers to develop hardier, disease-resistant banana plants and more effective disease-prevention treatments.

Marketing mangoes

29 July, 2016

Perfection Fresh Australia has purchased the exclusive sales and marketing rights to the Calypso Mango and has plans to increase consumption of the fruit both domestically and internationally.

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