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Coles is harvesting simultaneously grown herbs and barramundi

19 November, 2013

Urban Ecological Systems Australia is growing herbs and barramundi simultaneously - with zero effluent - in Western Sydney. And Coles (and a $1.9m Early Stage Commercialisation grant) has helped to make the low-energy, sustainable, organic food production system a commercial reality.

Native American berry could be next 'super fruit'

15 November, 2013

The Native American buffaloberry could become the next 'super fruit', after researchers found that the underutilised berry contains high levels of antioxidants and nutrients.

Extending the shelf life of food products containing fruit

03 October, 2013 by Grant Taylor, Sales Manager - Asia Pacific, Taura Natural Ingredients

Products featuring real fruit appeal strongly to today’s health-conscious consumers, but significant technical obstacles have previously limited the use of fruit-based ingredients in many products with a long shelf life.

Chips and tomato sauce from the same plant

01 October, 2013

UK horticultural firm Thompson & Morgan has developed the TomTato - a plant that produces both tomatoes and potatoes.

Edible coatings revolutionising the ready-to-eat fruit and vegetable sector

17 September, 2013

The large, and growing, market share of ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables has been made possible by the development of invisible, colourless, odourless, tasteless, edible coatings.

Low-GI potato attracts attention

17 September, 2013

Researchers have developed what they claim is the world's first low-GI potato. Research on the Carisma potato will be presented at the International Congress of Nutrition in Granada, Spain.

Walnut crop arrives early in California

12 September, 2013

This year's walnut crop will be slightly early, but will be of high quality, the Californian walnut industry says. The USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service California Field Office has predicted the annual yield will be 495,000 short tons.

Making frozen broccoli better

12 August, 2013 by Phyllis Picklesimer

Having found that frozen broccoli lacks the ability to form the anticancer phytochemical sulforaphane, reasearchers have found how food processors can restore the health benefit to the vegetable.

URC Fruit Pieces and BakeFruit range

10 July, 2013

Taura Natural Ingredients has available a range of premium-quality fruit ingredients, made using its ultra rapid concentration (URC) process that concentrates the taste, texture and nutrients of fruit into pieces, flakes and pastes, for use in applications such as chocolate, breakfast cereals, baked goods, confectionery and snack bars.

Factors that influence pre-harvest spinach contamination

24 June, 2013

Cost-effective strategies for control of produce contamination may become realities now that researchers have identified a variety of factors that influence the likelihood of E. coli contamination of spinach on farms prior to harvest.

Broccoli with higher glucoraphanin levels

12 April, 2013

Field trials and genetic studies have shown that a new variety of broccoli reliably yields higher levels of a health-promoting compound.

New superfruit soon to be commercialised

17 December, 2012

Professor Daryl Joyce of UQ’s School of Agriculture and Food Sciences has been selecting and evaluating new varieties of the ancient Chinese red bayberry fruit (Myrica rubra) for commercialisation in Australia.

Computer imaging provides grape sugar and ripeness information

03 December, 2012

Researchers at the University of Seville (Spain) have developed a technique for estimating grape composition and variety using computer imaging. They have also put forward an index for identifying the ripeness of seeds without the need for chemical analysis. This new method can help to decide the best moment for picking.

Essential oil antigerminants for prolonged potato storage

10 October, 2012

A Spanish researcher has investigated the use of essential oils in prolonging the shelf life of potatoes rather than using synthetic antigerminants.

Spray-on coating delays banana ripening

26 August, 2012

Bananas ripen, soften and rot into an unappetising mush, seemingly in the blink of an eye - but a solution may be at hand. Chinese scientists are developing a spray-on coating that consumers could use to delay the ripening of bananas.

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