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Mini sensors open a new world of product information

12 January, 2016

Consumers could soon be carrying miniature sensors in their smartphones that can analyse the freshness of fruit and vegetables in the supermarket.

More than 15 million US children are going hungry

03 December, 2015

For the first time, US paediatricians have been advised to screen all children for food insecurity, as data shows that more than 15 million US children are living in households struggling with hunger.

Worm-fighting technology could revolutionise subsistence farming

03 December, 2015

A new antiparasitic technology has the potential to significantly reduce crop losses in the developing world, boosting the incomes of subsistence farmers.

Drought-proofing Qld's crops

27 November, 2015

Sorghum is set to remain Queensland's top crop as climate forecasts suggest temperatures will rise and rainfall decrease across the state.

Eating slowly makes food taste better

16 November, 2015

Using a 3D-printed model of the human airway to study the process of taste, researchers have found that eating more slowly will actually make food taste better.

G20 provides US$20m in funding for wheat research

16 November, 2015

ANU researchers will share in US$20 million in funding to be provided by the G20 to strengthen global food security by making more energy-efficient wheat.

FAO and Mars to collaborate on global food safety

12 November, 2015

Mars Incorporated has joined forces with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations to improve food safety and quality along the food chain, particularly in developing countries.

Vegetarian steak

05 November, 2015

Becoming vegetarian may not mean giving up 'meat', with news that a high-quality meat replacer, based on legumes, could be available in the future.

Nutrition labelling study uses smartphone app

05 November, 2015

A study on nutrition labelling using smartphones is underway in New Zealand.

Melbourne researchers discover 'sensor' protein that could fight obesity and diabetes

02 November, 2015

A discovery by Melbourne researchers could play a major role in the fight against obesity and type 2 diabetes.

The fall of the low-fat myth

02 November, 2015

Low-fat interventions have been found to be no more successful than higher-fat interventions in achieving and maintaining weight loss for periods longer than one year.

US online tool offers instant data on foodborne disease

29 October, 2015

The updated Foodborne Outbreak Online Database Tool lets users search nearly 20 years of outbreak data by state, food or germ.

Dairy sector capitalises on protein's popularity boom

21 October, 2015

The food and beverage industry is capitalising on the soaring consumer interest in protein content, with the trend particularly evident in the dairy segment.

Blame it on mum and dad: how genes influence what we eat

15 October, 2015 by Nicholas Archer, CSIRO

Everybody's food preferences vary and are shaped by their unique combination of three interacting factors: the environment (your health, diet and cultural influences); prior experience; and genes, which alter your sensory perception of foods.

Finding the genes for tastier blueberries

14 October, 2015

Tastier blueberries could be on their way, with US researchers identifying the flavour traits that consumers desire and developing specific breeding targets to improve flavour.

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