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Reduced-sodium cheddar successfully manufactured

03 October, 2012

Researchers from the University of Minnesota have been successful in manufacturing a cheddar-style cheese using mineral salt replacers.

Obesity study focusing on soft drinks is “simplistic”, Bev Council claims

25 September, 2012

The Australian Beverages Council has criticised a recent article published in the New England Journal of Medicine, claiming it takes too “simplistic” an approach to the complex issue of obesity.

Don’t throw out your frypans: CVD-Teflon link not necessarily strong

14 September, 2012

The past week has seen a slew of sensationalist headlines claiming that using non-stick fry pans can give you heart disease. Before you rush home to cleanse your kitchen of Teflon pans, read on.

Organic or conventional? Stanford study sparks nutrition debate

14 September, 2012

A recent Stanford University study comparing organic and conventionally produced food is "irrelevant" for most Australian consumers of organic products, an academic claims.

Trouble in paradise: ciguatera poisoning on the rise in Pacific Island nations

11 September, 2012

Cases of ciguatera poisoning are on the rise among people living in Pacific Island nations, researchers have found. The poisoning causes acutely painful and debilitating effects that can last for months.

Gut microbes and obesity

11 September, 2012

A study has revealed that some gut microbes increase the absorption of dietary fats, allowing the host organism to extract more calories from the same amount of food. You may think you have your food all to yourself, but you’re actually sharing it with the 100 trillion, give or take a few, microbes in your gut.

Poor memory? Try green tea, researchers say

07 September, 2012

Researchers from China have found that a key chemical in green tea positively affects the generation of brain cells, benefiting memory and spatial learning.

Sugar can shrink your brain, ANU study finds

04 September, 2012

According to Dr Nicolas Cherbuin, people whose blood sugar is at the high end of the normal range may be at risk of the brain shrinkage that occurs with ageing and diseases like dementia.

Health concerns raised over children’s high sodium intake

04 September, 2012

It’s no secret that most Australians eat too much salt, but concerns over children’s health have been raised with new research showing that many children eat as much salt as adults.

Food and Health Dialogue endorses Quick Service Restaurant strategy

31 August, 2012

The Food and Health Dialogue has endorsed a Quick Service Restaurant engagement strategy that involves negotiations with the sector to develop reformulation targets.

‘Super spaghetti’ could change pasta’s bad reputation

29 August, 2012

Pasta tends to get a bad rap in the current carb-phobic dietary environment, but university researchers are working on producing a ‘super spaghetti’: pasta that’s better quality and better for you.

Reformulating discretionary food for better public health outcomes

29 August, 2012

Marrying food intake styles and consumer desires with healthy food options is not always simple. Consumers are eating more discretionary food and snacking more. According to market research company The NPD Group, more than half the US population is snacking two or three times a day.

Feeding your gut bacteria

29 August, 2012

90% of the cells in our bodies are bacteria and the species making up this microbiome can significantly influence health. It now seems that having healthy gut bacteria could have as much to do with a strategy that insurance companies use to uncover risk as with eating the right foods.

Chocoholics rejoice: cocoa boosts memory, researchers say

15 August, 2012

Researchers have found evidence that regular consumption of dietary cocoa flavanols may improve cognitive function in elderly subjects with early memory decline.

LycoRed granted patent for tomato extraction process

15 August, 2012

LycoRed has been granted a European patent for its extraction process of the Lyc-O-Mato oleoresin from tomatoes.

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