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Forget ready meals and celebrity chefs - cook it yourself, researchers say

09 January, 2013

While ready meals often get a bad rap for being a less-than-healthy choice, they’re at least healthier than recipes pushed by popular TV chefs, according to researchers from the UK’s University of Newcastle. Their advice? Stick to making it yourself.

Bev Council responds to study into alcohol and energy drinks

21 December, 2012

The Australian Beverages Council has responded to the government’s announcement that it has commissioned a study into the effects of mixing alcohol and energy drinks.

Researchers work to develop early Campylobacter detection

20 December, 2012

Researchers at Swinburne University of Technology are working to develop early detection of Campylobacter jejuni bacteria - a significant contributor to foodborne illness in Australia and around the world.

There’s an app for that: mobile food allergen testing device developed

18 December, 2012

A team of researchers from the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science has developed a lightweight smartphone attachment that can detect allergens in food samples.

Even Mediterraneans can’t afford the Mediterranean diet

17 December, 2012

A team of scientists from the Research Laboratories at the Fondazione di ricerca e cura Giovanni Paolo II have found that the poorest people in the Mediterranean region simply can’t afford to stick to the Mediterranean diet.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Accucore C18 HPLC core-shell particle column

14 December, 2012

According to a Thermo Fisher study, the Accucore C18 column provides a qualitative analysis of bilberry extract and a quantitative analysis of cranberry extract with 20 min time savings when compared to the Acclaim 120 C18 column.

Juiciness key to salt reduction in sausages

13 December, 2012

Researchers have found that by influencing the juiciness of processed meat products, a salt reduction of 15% or more can be achieved while retaining the same salt perception.

Nuts to the notion that nuts make you fat

04 December, 2012

Nuts are back on the menu for dieters, following the release of a Nuts for Life health report that busts the diet myth that eating nuts makes you fat.

No surprises there: fast food menus still high calorie

21 November, 2012

Recent research has revealed what most of us suspected all along: fast food hasn’t got any healthier. Temple University research shows that the average calorie content of foods from eight US fast food outlets has changed only minimally.

Cake back on the menu for some children with egg allergy

12 November, 2012

Some children who have mild egg allergies can tolerate small amounts of baked hen’s egg, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, and 55% may outgrow their allergy entirely.

The ageing population: a challenge or an opportunity?

08 November, 2012

The percentage of the world’s population aged 60 and over will reach 22% by 2050, presenting both challenges and opportunities for the food industry. Leatherhead’s new report discusses both.

Halving food losses would feed an additional billion people

31 October, 2012

After determining global food losses in terms of kilocalories per person, it has beed established that halving current food losses would mean feeding an extra billion people.

Diet and sperm quality

31 October, 2012

Two recent studies examined the relationship between diet and semen quality - so be careful with full-fat dairy and carbs if you want to optimise your fertility.

Omega-3 shown to boost memory in young adults

30 October, 2012

Young adults can boost their working memory by increasing omega-3 fatty acid intake, research from the University of Pittsburgh has shown.

The carrot or the stick? Finding a win-win solution to health and profitability

17 October, 2012 by Alice Richard

In this increasingly litigious country, we’re rather used to blaming someone else when things go wrong. But have we taken things too far when food processors are constantly under pressure to modify their products to improve public health?

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