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Insurer ensures healthy members with healthy eating incentives

26 August, 2013

A US health insurer has come up with a novel way to ensure its members stay healthy: money-back rewards for buying fresh fruits and vegetables. Independent Health members will earn $1 credit for every $2 spent on fresh fruit and vegetables.

Omega 3s are going to gaol

23 August, 2013

Can omega 3s reduce criminality? A new study aims to investigate this link between biology and behaviour.

Making processed food healthy

21 August, 2013

Reducing the salt, sugar and fat content of foods has long been the focus of research, but all this work counts for nothing if consumers avoid the low-salt/sugar/fat option. In order to reduce the public health burden by designing healthier processed food, scientists need to ensure consumers will actually want to eat it.

Food addiction: how processed food makes you eat more

20 August, 2013 by Belinda Lennerz, Harvard University

Most people have the strong desire for a normal weight but in many developed countries such as Australia, only a minority are able to achieve it. Research recently published by Harvard provides an insight into why.

Smart or sick? Conflicting evidence on infant formula

20 August, 2013

While some researchers are reporting that babies fed with DHA-enriched formula score higher on intelligence tests, others have found that formula-fed babies may be more susceptible to chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

DHA-enriched formula may create smarter babies

15 August, 2013

Infants fed DHA-enriched formula score higher on intelligence tests than those fed standard formula, University of Kansas researchers have found. The results were not immediately apparent, but were noticeable from ages three to six.

Allergic reaction to peanuts can be blocked

02 August, 2013

By blocking an enzyme’s activity that is essential to the allergic reaction to peanuts, researchers at National Jewish Health have prevented diarrhoea and inflammation, and reduced levels of several proteins associated with allergies in sensitised mice.

Conference explores impact of food structure on nutrient bioavailability

31 July, 2013

The 2013 Food Structures, Digestion and Health international conference will bring together food industry professionals and world-leading scientists with a common interest in food design to deliver better nutrition and improve consumer wellbeing.

Arsenic in rice linked to genetic damage

30 July, 2013

Indian and British research has proven a link between high arsenic levels in rice and chromosomal damage, as measured by micronuclei in urothelial cells in humans who eat rice as a staple.

GM pig study is hogwash, FSANZ says

25 July, 2013

FSANZ has published a response to Dr Judy Carman’s paper outlining a study of pigs fed a GM diet. Carman claims the pigs fed the GM diet had a higher incidence of severe stomach inflammation and enlarged uteri than the pigs fed the non-GM diet.

Drink yourself healthy

19 July, 2013

French studies have shown that in middle-aged men, moderate wine consumption is associated with a lower mortality from cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Natural performance enhancer boosts performance by 6%

10 July, 2013

Ithaca College researchers have found that betaine - a nutrient found in shellfish and beetroot - can boost athletic performance by nearly 6% when added to a sports drink.

They are what you ate

10 July, 2013

You are what you eat - and so are your offspring. And in the title bout featuring protein versus sugar, protein is the winner.

The sugar-fat seesaw: the reason dieting is difficult

09 July, 2013

The sugar-fat seesaw: while it may sound like a ride at an amusement park, nutritionists say it’s the reason people struggle to follow government guidelines to cut both fat and sugars simultaneously.

Teaching children to eat more vegies - voluntarily

05 July, 2013

Stanford researchers have found that teaching children the importance of healthy foods leads them to voluntarily eat more vegetables.

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