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IMCD opens food laboratory in Sweden

23 November, 2011

A food and nutrition lab is being opened in Sweden by IMCD Nordic, part of the IMCD Group. It will be an extension of the activities carried out at the IMCD Food & Nutrition Technical Centre in Belgium.

nRVA monitors starch behaviour

11 November, 2011

An Australian invention, which monitors the behaviour of starches as they are cooked, could revolutionise food manufacturing processes. 

Pork CRC research programs are a success

09 November, 2011

Three research programs delivered good results and played a role in innovation and new ideas for the Australian pork industry.

Australia and China collaborate on global food security

04 November, 2011

Australian and Chinese researchers are collaborating to improve global food security against pests and diseases.

Soy protein consumption reduced progression of clogged arteries in women

07 October, 2011

A study, to be published, has found that soy protein consumption can reduce the progression of clogged arteries in women within five years of menopause.

Partnership to develop breakthrough nutritional formulations

30 September, 2011

Chr. Hansen partners with Amino Up to create clinically documented products that address health and wellbeing.

Coffee, caffeine and risk of depression among women

30 September, 2011

Caffeine is the world's most widely used central nervous system stimulant, with approximately 80% consumed in the form of coffee. However, studies that analyse prospectively the relationship between coffee or caffeine consumption and depression risk are scarce.

High iron and zinc rice gives hope to micronutrient deficient billions

08 September, 2011

Scientists from the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics have produced rice with iron levels which meet daily recommended requirements for iron intake.

Low DHA levels linked to suicide risk among military

30 August, 2011

A study at the NIAAA has linked low DHA levels to higher suicide risk and mental health problems in US military personnel.

More iron in dark than pale beer

16 August, 2011

Dark beer has more free iron than pale and non-alcoholic beers.

PolyU takes steps to enhance food safety and technology

15 August, 2011

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University recently established the Food Safety and Technology Research Centre.

A natural food preservative may kill food-borne bacteria

12 August, 2011

A naturally occurring lantibiotic could be added to food to kill harmful bacteria like salmonella, E. coli and listeria.

Improving potato varieties for better potato chips

04 July, 2011

Potato tubers must meet strict guidelines to avoid chips and fries producing the harmful compound acrylamide.

Help needed to sniff out most desirable truffle

17 June, 2011

Food scientists at The University of Western Australia are hoping to conduct a study to find out what makes one gourmet fungi more desirable than another.

Molecular diagnostics technology aids management of E. coli crisis

14 June, 2011

A new xTAG gastrointestinal pathogen panel has been used to triage patients suspected of having an E. coli infection at German Kliniken der Stadt Koln.

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