Fanquip stainless steel industrial air curtains

30 September, 2019 | Fanquip

The Fanquip stainless steel air curtains are designed to facilitate a range of industry applications, and comply with AQIS and MSQA requirements for hygiene.

YILD Technical Spaces serviced labs

26 September, 2019 | YILD Technical Spaces Pty Ltd

YILD Technical Spaces provide a fully flexible multi-tenant lab technical facility which is suitable for food and beverage operations.

OnRobot Digital I/O Converter Kit and Quick Changer

24 September, 2019 | Scott Automation & Robotics Pty Limited

The OnRobot Digital I/O Converter Kit and Quick Changer for OnRobot end-of-arm tooling (EoAT) are designed to simplify automation.

Fanquip stainless steel air circulators

24 September, 2019 | Fanquip

Fanquip's stainless steel air circulators allow industrial companies to lower the temperature of a site without compromising hygiene standards.

Baker Perkins TruWeight weight system

18 September, 2019 | Baker Perkins

The TruWeight system by Baker Perkins is designed to reduce the variations in cookie piece weights and as a result provide savings in dough and waste.

SMC ZP3P series vacuum pad

17 September, 2019 | SMC Australia | New Zealand

The SMC ZP3P series can be used in film packaging applications, reducing leakage and wrinkles on thin workpieces during adsorption.

Optek OPT0006 Centrifuge Control

13 September, 2019 | AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd

Installation of optek sensors at the inlet and outlet of a centrifuge can improve separation performance, reduce losses and improve product consistency.

ClearTaste organic bitter blocker

05 September, 2019 | Victus International

ClearTaste is a natural bitter blocker derived from mushrooms.

Alfa Laval Brew 20 beer centrifuge

05 September, 2019 | Alfa Laval Pty Ltd

Alfa Laval's Brew 20 beer centrifuge is designed for microbreweries and brewpubs, with a range of features designed to accommodate craft brewers.  

Proseal LC1 lid clipping machine

05 September, 2019 | Proseal Australia

Proseal's range of environmentally friendly packaging solutions includes its LC1 lid clipping machine, with a simple design and operation.

OLI Australia MVE-Food Stainless Steel electric motovibrators

05 September, 2019 | Oli Vibrators

MVE External Stainless Steel electric motovibrators are corrosion resistant and specifically developed for food applications.

Bronkhorst flow meters and controllers for liquids

02 September, 2019 | AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd

Bronkhorst develops micro to low flow liquid metering instruments based on a thermal mass flow measuring principle.

EXAIR No Drip Atomizing Spray Nozzles

01 September, 2019 | Compressed Air Australia Pty Ltd

The EXAIR No Drip Atomizing Spray Nozzles atomise fluids in a range of spray patterns for a variety of uses, including washing, rinsing and dust control.

Kraus & Naimer 6S Series Stainless Steel IP66 Enclosures

01 September, 2019 | Kraus & Naimer Pty Ltd

The Kraus & Naimer 6S Series of stainless steel enclosures provide protection for vital switchgear with the same footprint as plastic versions.

Thermo Scientific Orion Star T900 series automated titrators

01 September, 2019 | Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Thermo Scientific Orion Star T900 series of automated titrators offer an easy-to-use solution for potentiometric titration.

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