Loeschpack RCB-HS wrapping head machine

20 January, 2020 | Allied Industries Pty Ltd

The RCB-HS wrapping head machine is a compact machine designed to hermetically seal bars of chocolate to provide a longer shelf life.

Sumol+Compal Tetra Stelo Aseptic carton

20 January, 2020 | Tetra Pak Marketing Pty Ltd

The Tetra Stelo Aseptic juice carton is recyclable and features an ergonomic design for ease of handling.

Koch Membrane Systems Sani-Pro spiral elements

17 January, 2020 | Koch Membrane Services

The Sani-Pro spiral elements range is designed to improve energy efficiency, increase productivity and decrease contamination risk.

Counter-Swirl Series 6000 static mixers

17 January, 2020 | H2O Rx

The Counter Swirl Series 6000 static mixer provides solutions for a range of mixing problems. The mixer can be customised to suit different applications.

Sterling Systems & Controls bulk bag unloading system

14 January, 2020 | Sterling Systems and Controls Inc

Sterling Systems & Controls offers a customisable line of bulk bag unloading systems, with a variety of installation configurations possible.

Ammeraal-Beltech confectionery conveyor belting solutions

14 January, 2020 | Rydell Beltech Pty Ltd

Ammeraal-Beltech's range of food-grade conveyor belts is designed for confectionery and snacks, and will be displayed at ProSweets Cologne 2020.

SMC Smart Thermo-Chillers

14 January, 2020 | SMC Australia | New Zealand

The SMC smart range of thermo-chillers comes in an array of sizes, from standard and basic types to the high-level triple inverter-type chillers.

Krones VarioFlash B flash pasteuriser

14 January, 2020 | Krones (Thailand) Co Ltd

The VarioFlash B flash pasteuriser is suitable for large breweries and craft breweries, enabling the microbiolotically safe filling of beer.

Mitsubishi PREMIA PBP16-20N2 series electric power pallet movers

10 January, 2020 | MLA Holdings Pty Ltd

The Mitsubishi PREMIA PBP16-20N2 series has been developed to provide a comprehensive solution to safe horizontal movement of pallets.

Ammeraal Beltech uni Ultra Clean Belt

08 January, 2020 | Rydell Beltech Pty Ltd

The uni Ultra Clean Belt is a plastic modular belt, designed to convey a range of foods, with hybrid hinges for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

AirSweep material activation system

01 January, 2020 | Valve Distributors Pty Ltd

The AirSweep material flow system is designed to ensure the flow and prevent blockages of bulk materials in silos, bins, hoppers and chutes.

Protect-Air HoseGuard air safety fuses

01 January, 2020 | Compressed Air Australia Pty Ltd

The HoseGuard air safety fuses reduce the risk of whiplash from thrashing hoses, protecting compressed air hoses and pipes.

Mitsubishi AGELESS OMAC oxygen absorber

18 December, 2019 | Metalprint Australia Pty Ltd

The Mitsubishi AGELESS oxygen absorber satchet is now also available in a film form OMAC version that is suitable for pouches and liquids.

Ramex HR Series hose reels

13 December, 2019 | Tecpro Australia

Ramex hose reels are designed in Italy and are suitable for a range of operations, with strong support arms and a robust body.

Wefapress Food Secure Products food-safe plastic range

10 December, 2019 | Cut To Size Plastics Pty Ltd

Cut to Size Plastics has introduced the Wefapress Food Secure Products (FSP) range of food-safe plastics to Australia and New Zealand.

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