Confectionery cooker

17 January, 2005 | SPX Flow Inc

APV Baker's Microfilm confectionery cooker has been upgraded to provide more production flexibility and ease of operation. The cookers are for sugar and sugar-free high boiled and hard candies, including those with the addition of milk and cream.

Organic dairy concentrates

16 January, 2005 | IMCD Australia Limited

Butter Buds Food Ingredients has introduced a certified organic line of natural butter, cheese and cream concentrates. The products offer the flavour profile of real dairy butter, cheese and cream but add virtually no fat or cholesterol. The natural butter concentrates are produced by liberating the fatty acids in butterfat, then encapsulating into a water soluble powder by spray drying. One unit of Butter Buds yields the flavour strength of 8 to 80 units of butter. Low fat content and very low applications levels mean that this ingredient contributes negligible fat to final formulations.

Minced meat portioning

16 January, 2005 | CFS Australia

Upgrades in CFS' total-concept solution for processing and pack-aging ground meat portions deliver added speed and versatility.

Belt dryers

20 December, 2004 | Reactive Engineering Pty Ltd

Heinen belt dryers are used in the food industry for the thermal removal of moisture from unfluidisable or insufficiently fluidisable bulk materials such as pellets, extrudates and paste products. The individually designed single-belt and multi-belt dryers meet requirements of flexibility, automated operation and adaptation options for a variety of products. Heinen belt dryers used in the food industry are also designed, in addition to standard requirements, to meet hygiene, material quality, operational safety and wet cleaning standards.

High-speed cheese cutter

20 December, 2004 | Ryan Manufacturing

The latest product from RML is its 3350 cheese cutter. The design uses ultrasonics to assist the blade to cut with speed and accuracy.

Mozzarella cooker

20 December, 2004 | Gold Peg International Pty Ltd

The Mozzarella RotaTherm cooker is now available to manufacture natural or analog Mozzarella cheese.

Screwcap closures for wine

20 December, 2004 | Amcor Global

Amcor is installing new equipment at its closures plant to produce metal screwcap closures for wine bottles. Production of screwcaps will commence in mid 2005.

Detectable gloves

20 December, 2004 | Dynamic Inspection Ltd

The ECC Detectamet glove is a quality vinyl glove that combines detectability with safe food handling. Even quite small torn sections of the gloves will be detected by conventional production line metal detection systems, thus combating the possibility of product contamination.

Confectionery moulds

20 December, 2004 | SPX Flow Inc

A mould service package - from new design to refurbishment - has been developed by APV Baker to support its 400 depositing plants at work throughout the world.

Sheep scissors

20 December, 2004 | Argus Realcold Limited

Argus Realcold's range of sheep scissors is used in the primary meat processing industry with a variety of models, making them suitable for applications requiring speed, reliability and ease of handling.

Stainless tanks for wineries and breweries

20 December, 2004

Corry Stainless Fabrications provides stainless steel solutions for boutique, medium-size and large wineries and breweries. The company works alongside engineers and project managers, brewers and wine makers manufacturing storage tanks from 500 L and upwards. Corry Stainless has a variety of tank options, from standard size tanks to custom made.

Natural shades of red

20 December, 2004 | CHR Hansen Pty Ltd

Chr Hansen has launched the ColorFruit range of natural reds which show an improvement in stability to light and heat.

Strip cutting and dicing

19 December, 2004 | Continental Butchery Supply

The dicing and strip cutting machine Twister 120 can reach an hourly capacity of up to 2200 kg (for 34 mm cubes) - even when operating continuously. The spacious 550 x 120 x 120 mm cutting chamber can accommodate high-volume products, eliminating the task of cutting to size.

Filling system

29 October, 2004 | HBM Packaging Technologies

The MPF (multi-purpose filler) deposits products such as: cooked pastas (short and long goods), cooked/IQF rice, couscous/tabouleh, various fruits and vegetables, refrigerated salads, and others, into many types of containers (trays, plates, cups, bowls, cans, bags, jars, etc) at speeds from 20 up to 120 containers a minute.

Detecting by x-ray

29 October, 2004 | Accuweigh Pty Ltd

Cintex Sentry XR uses the latest x-ray technology to detect product defects.

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