Trolley kit

17 March, 2005 | Spill Station Australia

An all-terrain conversion kit for the Poly-Dolly drum handling/de-canting trolley is now available.

Inline fat analyser

17 March, 2005 | CFS Australia

The CFS MasterTrack fat analyser is an inline fat analyser that enables the user to test meat for its fat and lean meat contents while being minced. The whole production process becomes much more efficient as a result. The inline fat analyser, CFS MasterTrack, is fully integrated into the grinder. This technology now allows the fat and lean meat contents of a batch of meat to be specified during the size reduction process - fully automatically.

Vertical and horizontal case packers

17 March, 2005 | HBM Packaging Technologies

Mondo & Scaglione of Canelli, Italy, present their upgraded Case Packing Machine which can package wine bottles using the traditional vertical system, or horizontally, with the automatic introduction of a cardboard divider.

Presence sensing

17 March, 2005 | ControlVision Ltd

Cognex has released Checker 101, a simple-to-use and inexpensive sensor that can visually detect the presence of items during the manufacturing process.

Extruder barrel retrofit packages

17 March, 2005 | SPX Flow Inc

APV Baker has developed a barrel retrofit package producing savings in cost of ownership and downtime on its range of MPF twin-screw extruders for the food industry.

Stainless steel pump range

17 March, 2005 | Xylem Applied Water Systems Australia Pty Ltd

The Lowara SV pump series has been expanded and features vertical multistage electric pumps made of stainless steel, suitable for a large number of applications including water treatment (reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, demineralisation, softening and distillation systems), water supply (filtration and distribution from water systems, pressure boosting in networks or booster packagers), light industry (cleaning and washing systems, firefighting systems, boilers, cooling liquids for machine tools, cooling and air conditioning, pumping of acid and alkaline solutions, oils and alcohols) and irrigation (golf course, flood irrigation).

Organic dairy concentrates

17 March, 2005 | IMCD Australia Limited

Butter Buds Food Ingredients has introduced a certified organic line of natural butter, cheese and cream concentrates. The products offer the flavour profile of real dairy butter, cheese and cream but add virtually no fat or cholesterol.

Meat and fish portioning

17 February, 2005 | Marel

The IPM III LaserEye X400 is equipped with the powerful Marel 360° dual laser vision technology that uses two cameras and mirrors to get an accurate 3D model of each product. The sophisticated 360° system allows for perfect vision that calculates the best possible cut configuration for any portioning requirement.

Brisket shear

17 February, 2005 | Argus Realcold Limited

The RC31 sheep brisket shear is a pneumatically operated, full-sized hand tool intended for the opening of sheep and lamb briskets. It can also be used for hogs.

Oxygen sorbent for cheese

17 February, 2005 | NutriMed Group

Dairy processors and cheese manufacturers can now protect dairy foods including all natural cheeses from spoil-age with FreshPax oxygen sorbents from Multisorb Technologies.

Food industry automation system

17 February, 2005 | Citect Pty Ltd

CitectSCADA V6 is an industrial automation solution packed with new features including a zero-maintenance Web Client; support for true colour; 500 additional symbols, time-stamped data and custom alarm filters.

Continuous motion shrink wrapper

17 February, 2005 | HBM Packaging Technologies

To complement their S Series medium speed and N Series high speed VEGA Shrink wrappers (360 packs per minute), OCME of Parma Italy have released their "baby", the VEGA X Series, which is capable of operating at up to 30 cycles per minute, in one, two or three lane versions.

Detectable components

17 February, 2005 | Dynamic Inspection Ltd

Dynamic Inspection has a range of plastic components that are metal detectable. Conventional metal detectors will detect even small pieces of components.

Non-frozen food slicing

17 February, 2005 | Smo-King Ovens Pty Ltd

The Grote slicer range can be used to slice fresh and cooked meat, cheese, fruit, vegetables, fish, poultry and bread using the company's Accuband cutting system which can precisely slice most boneless non-frozen food products. Products can be bulk sliced, stacked or shingled into portions.

Wraparound case packer

17 February, 2005 | HBM Packaging Technologies

To complement their renowned ALTAIR N Series medium to high speed continuous motion wraparound case packers for outputs up to 80 cases per minute, OCME of Parma Italy have released their new "baby", the ALTAIR X Series, for outputs up to 30 cases per minute.

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