Sorting nuts

08 December, 2005 | Key Technology Australia Pty Ltd

The Optyx G6 3000 Series Sorter with Raptor Laser Technology combines Key Technology's G6 colour cameras and G6 sorting platform with laser technology to maximise the simultaneous detection and removal of defects and foreign material, achieving increased quality and optimising food safety.

Industrial vacuum loader system

08 December, 2005 | Dust Collector Rentals

The Hornet is a unique trailer mounted vacuum system capable of sucking a variety of materials and depositing the waste into bulka bags or a waste skip.

Sampling methods

08 December, 2005 | Hisen Equipment Pty Ltd

If a quality control laboratory analysis reveals unwanted contamination in the sample how can users determine its origin? Was the contamination in the process batch, or was it caused by the sampling device and the handling method between the sampling point and the laboratory?

Bulk bag filling systems

08 December, 2005 | Control Automation Pty Ltd

The range of Bulkafil FIBC filling machines is tailored to suit clients' specific needs, offering efficiency and reliability, and utilising just one operator, from a single side platform.

RFID tagging system

17 November, 2005 | Accu-Sort Systems Inc

Accu-Sort Systems, a member of EPCglobal, recently announced the release of its FAST Tag RFID tagging system. Part of Accu-Sort's suite of Flexible Automation Solution Tools, FAST Tag is a turnkey automated solution for placing, tracking and verifying RFID tags on cartons and pallets. FAST Tag also integrates seamlessly into existing material handling and data handling systems, providing a low-risk upgrade path from conventional bar code labelling systems.

Dairy protein crisps

14 November, 2005 | Fonterra Brands Australia Pty Ltd

Fonterra Cooperative Group has launched a range of natural dairy protein crisps with up to 80% dairy protein content. Dairy protein crisps are used to provide the nutritional benefits of dairy protein with improved mouth feel and texture in a range of health-oriented consumer products.

Dicing and strip cutting machine

14 November, 2005 | CBS Foodtech

The dicing and strip cutting machine ARGON can reach a hourly capacity between 1500-2350 kg/ hr depending on product. The spacious 96 x 96 x 550 mm cutting chamber can accommodate high volume products, eliminating the task of cutting to size.

Stackable and nestable produce bins

14 November, 2005 | Kiel Industries

Kiel Industries' Tri-Series produce bins are both stackable and nestable.

Campbell's improves 'print and apply' barcode labels

14 November, 2005 | Aldus - Tronics Pty Ltd

Increasing the efficiency of printing and applying barcode labels to shrink-wrapped shipping trays was one of the jobs on the packaging line at Campbell's Soup plant at Shepparton, in rural Victoria.

Powder filler

14 November, 2005 | Amtec Pty Ltd

Amtec has released the Powderpak D480R powder filler designed around the ability to pack powdered product at a rate of up to 480 x 25 kg bags per hour into either multiwall sacks or plastic/poly bags.

Bag unloader

14 November, 2005 | Fresco Systems Australasia

The Fresco forklift bulk bag unloader has four fully adjustable sturdy uprights, which allow for any size of bulk bag by removing the retainer pins and adjusting the vertical height of the support frame pockets.

Fruit processing

14 November, 2005 | Reactive Engineering Pty Ltd

Kronen has released the AS-4 multifunction machine for processing fresh fruit, such as melons, oranges, grapefruit, lemons, kiwis, pineapples and apples.

330 rapid roll door

14 November, 2005 | Albany Door Systems

Albany Nomafa have released the new 330 series model of Rapid Roll Doors. Combined with a proven Nomafa performance record and an economical price this door has now set the standard in the food industry.

Marking on backless labels

14 November, 2005 | Unimark Identification Service

Catchpoint has created a backless label which renders the wasteful backing on labels obsolete, thus helping to reduce the 104,200 tonnes of waste produced a year attributed to self-adhesive label production. The company is currently trialing Sherwood Technology's DataLase colour change solution for marking directly onto the backless labels.

Don't slip up!

13 November, 2005 | Altro Flooring

Altro KR12-30 is the only vinyl safety flooring that has achieved the R12 rating for slip resistance, thus ensuring you meet the Australian Standards for safety for commercial kitchens and food / drink processors.

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