Belt dryers

20 December, 2004 | Reactive Engineering Pty Ltd

Heinen belt dryers are used in the food industry for the thermal removal of moisture from unfluidisable or insufficiently fluidisable bulk materials such as pellets, extrudates and paste products. The individually designed single-belt and multi-belt dryers meet requirements of flexibility, automated operation and adaptation options for a variety of products. Heinen belt dryers used in the food industry are also designed, in addition to standard requirements, to meet hygiene, material quality, operational safety and wet cleaning standards.

Natural shades of red

20 December, 2004 | CHR Hansen Pty Ltd

Chr Hansen has launched the ColorFruit range of natural reds which show an improvement in stability to light and heat.

Strip cutting and dicing

19 December, 2004 | Continental Butchery Supply

The dicing and strip cutting machine Twister 120 can reach an hourly capacity of up to 2200 kg (for 34 mm cubes) - even when operating continuously. The spacious 550 x 120 x 120 mm cutting chamber can accommodate high-volume products, eliminating the task of cutting to size.

Adhesive melter

29 October, 2004 | Nordson Australia Pty Ltd

DuraBlue 50 adhesive melters claim to deliver simplicity, reliability, durability and performance to product assembly, packaging and paperboard converting operations.

Filling system

29 October, 2004 | HBM Packaging Technologies

The MPF (multi-purpose filler) deposits products such as: cooked pastas (short and long goods), cooked/IQF rice, couscous/tabouleh, various fruits and vegetables, refrigerated salads, and others, into many types of containers (trays, plates, cups, bowls, cans, bags, jars, etc) at speeds from 20 up to 120 containers a minute.

Freezer traffic doors

29 October, 2004 | Envico Doors Ltd

Envico Doors has launched the high-speed Igloo Freezer Twin Skinned Door. Its design ensures no ice build-up on the non-freezer side of the thermally insulated curtain or any friction or wear points on the curtain or door blade. Also, while running at speeds of 1.2 m/s and in temperatures of less than -180°C its UHMWPE external tracks allow a positive seal while a series of internal urethane blocks stack up on activation of the door removing any friction on the curtain. These benefits help to maintain efficient and hassle-free operation.

Hygienic pressure measurement

29 October, 2004 | WIKA Australia

Aimed at the brewing, pharmaceutical, and food and drinks manufacturing markets, Wika has developed a diaphragm seal system with a process connection specially designed for pressure measurement in sterile processes.

Detecting by x-ray

29 October, 2004 | Accuweigh Pty Ltd

Cintex Sentry XR uses the latest x-ray technology to detect product defects.

Dough moulder

29 October, 2004 | SPX Flow Inc

The APV Baker Multitex-4 moulder, featuring a sheeting roll configuration, provides plant bakers with several distinct benefits in bread quality, and contributes to a longer shelf life.

Enzyme doubles the shelf life of cakes

29 October, 2004 | Danisco Australia Pty Ltd

The first product of Danisco's cooperation with Genencor is an enzyme called Grindamyl PowerSoft which has been developed for cake production. The enzyme is claimed to double the shelf life of cakes, meaning that the cakes keep their soft mouthfeel without becoming dry or sticky.

Air conveyors

29 October, 2004 | Australis Engineering Pty Ltd

Australis Engineering has introduced its Series II AirFlow Conveyor for mass conveying of PET bottles. The new design is available with a host of standard and optional features that can meet requirements in the beverage and PET bottle manufacturing industries.

pH kit for wine

29 October, 2004 | Hanna Instruments Pty Ltd

The HI222 professional pH kit for winemaking is a meter dedicated to wine measurement. The bench meter allows a two point calibration using buffers 7 and 3. Since wine analysis usually occurs in the range 2.5 to 3.6 pH, errors due to calibration are greatly minimised. Calibration Check features on the HI222 prompt the user to clean the electrode if required and can warn if the buffer has been contaminated. The electrode condition and response time are displayed and monitored on the meter's LCD. The user can program a calibration reminder using the Calibration Alarm Time Out. The HI222 also features Log-On-Demand.

Seasoning system

28 October, 2004 | Heat and Control Pty Ltd

The FastBack Revolution On line Seasoning System combines the seasoning tumble drum and FastBack cross feed conveyor into a single seasoning system. Using the benefits of the FastBack conveyor and a product sensor, the system provides an accurate measuring system that automatically adjusts the seasoning application rate to provide just the right amount.

Wash/dry system

20 September, 2004 | Freshline Machines Pty Ltd

Freshline Machines has developed an integrated multi-stage wash and drying system called the Freshline Direct Stream system.

Milk in wash-water sensor

20 September, 2004 | Pryde Measurement Pty Ltd

The Optec inline milk product concentration detector uses optical technology to measure whiteness in the process stream thus determining milk content. The measurement technique relies on a light emitting source projecting a light beam into the process stream. This causes scattering of the light to a sensitive light detector which provides a concentration-dependent signal.

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