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Exair Digital Flowmeters

27 June, 2014

Exair's Digital Flowmeters provide a way to monitor compressed air consumption and waste. With the addition of six extra sizes, the company makes it easier to measure consumption and identify trends at all of the critical areas or individual legs of a compressed air system.

Dwyer Instruments Series WD3 Water Leak Detector

17 June, 2014

Dwyer Instruments has released its Series WD3 Water Leak Detector. The device detects the presence of water in drip pans and air handler units, under raised floors or on floors around sump pumps and drains.

AquaLab TruDry multisample moisture content analyser

23 May, 2014

The AquaLab TruDry is a high-precision moisture meter designed for labs that measure the moisture content of 15 or more samples per day. The product can dry up to nine samples at once, saving more than 150 labour hours a year.

Temperature Technology TempReport temperature monitoring system

20 May, 2014

TempReport is a temperature monitoring system, directly from wireless T-TEC data loggers to the user's PC in real time. No longer do data loggers need to be collected, connected to a PC, downloaded and put back in the place they monitor.

Sick Inox sensors

16 May, 2014

Sick's Inox hygienic sensor solutions are said to contribute to constant increases in efficiency in all areas of the food and beverage industry. The hygienic design and the careful selection of materials used are based on various norms, standards and regulations to ensure safety, should direct contact with food or raw materials occur.

Burkert FLOWave flowmeter

13 May, 2014

Burkert's FLOWave flowmeter uses technology incorporating SAW (surface acoustic waves) to facilitate inline flow measurement without the need for any sensors or constrictions inside the measuring tube.

Multiparameter, real-time, inline monitoring - revolutionising QA/QC in the beverage and food industries

13 March, 2014

Near infrared technology can be used for the real-time measurement of dissolved CO2, sugars/Brix, alcohol/ethanol and organic acids in the beer, soft drink, spirits, pharmaceutical and food industries. They can also be used to monitor CIP cycles.

GEA Nu-Con Generation 3 Rotor Detection System (RDS)

18 February, 2014

GEA Nu-Con's Generation 3 Rotor Detection System (RDS) technology is designed to detect contamination during production while monitoring the condition of the critical components within the rotary valve, warning operators before replacement is required.

Knowing the flow in the brewing industry

10 February, 2014

By monitoring flow processes brewers can reduce water and effluent costs during the brewing, packaging/bottling and ancillary processes and in general areas. This white paper will inform brewers how contactless flow measurement solutions can help them to save resources and costs.

Sensorex TX2000 pH/mV Transmitter and CX2000 Conductivity/Resistivity Transmitter

26 August, 2013

Sensorex’s TX2000 pH/mV Transmitter and CX2000 Conductivity/Resistivity Transmitter monitor changes in process fluids for more accurate control in a wide range of applications.

ifm efector O6 wetline series photoelectric sensors

01 July, 2013

The ifm efector O6 wetline series photoelectric sensors are diffuse reflection sensors that provide noise-immune background suppression. Even highly reflective backgrounds, such as stainless steel, do not affect the background suppression.

ifm efector PQ series compact analog pressure sensor

26 June, 2013

imf efector’s PQ series pressure sensor with analog and switching output has been designed for efficient compressed air control or filter monitoring. The sensor measures both relative and differential pressure.

ifm efector DD2503, DD2603, DD2505 and DD2605 speed monitors

21 May, 2013

ifm efector has added features and functions to the ifm product line of speed monitors. In addition to the high-input frequency of up to 60,000 pulses/min and configurable functions, these also include an extended operating temperature range up to -40°C.

ifm efector OI Cube photoelectric sensor

15 May, 2013

The photoelectric OI Cube sensor from ifm efector is distinguished by long ranges up to 800 mm for diffuse types and up to 15 m for retro-reflective types.

Turck uprox+ Q80WD washdown proximity switch

06 May, 2013

Turck has extended its uprox+ sensor range with a robust washdown variant in a Q80 housing. The Q80WD non-flush inductive proximity switch detects all metals with the same high switching distance of 75 mm.

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