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KEMPER AirWatch air monitoring system

15 August, 2016

KEMPER's AirWatch sensor technology verifies the presence of dust in production.

VEGA VEGAPULS 64 radar level sensor for liquids

26 July, 2016

VEGAPULS 64 is a radar level sensor for liquids, operating at a frequency of 80 GHz. The product features high dynamics and good-quality focusing, enabling media with poor reflective properties, ie, low dielectric constant, to be measured.

Emerson ATG View app

21 July, 2016

Emerson's ATG View application allows easy access to critical asset health information by putting data from Emerson's CSI 6500 ATG machinery protection and prediction monitoring system in the palm of users' hands via a mobile device.

ifm efector K=1 inductive sensors

25 April, 2016

Inductive sensors with a correction factor K=1 that provide a uniform sensing range for the reliable detection of all metals have been developed by ifm efector.

Turck stainless steel-faced sensors

21 April, 2016

Turck has announced four 2-wire, DC stainless steel faced sensors with an extended sensing range.

Fluid Components International FS10i Flow Switch/Monitor

20 April, 2016

Designed for industrial processes, manufacturing operations, pumps, compressed air, gas compressors and HVAC systems requiring flow assurance and alarming, the compact SIL 2 compliant FS10i Flow Switch/Monitor from Fluid Components International (FCI) features good performance and operation.

Buhler SORTEX AnywarePro remote monitoring system for optical sorters

07 April, 2016

Bühler has released SORTEX AnywarePro, a remote monitoring system that gives customers access to online system data, allowing them to keep track of the performance of their optical sorters via a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Rosemount 8800 vortex flowmeters with HART 7

22 March, 2016

Rosemount 8800 vortex flowmeters now offer HART Protocol Revision 7, which allows for easier identification in the field, commissioning and configuration.

Michell Instruments HygroSmart HS3 relative humidity probe

22 March, 2016

The HygroSmart HS3 interchangeable relative humidity and temperature probe is 100% configurable to allow maximum flexibility to the user. This gives users the ability to alter their RH and temperature measurements to keep step with changes or developments in their process.

optekis Haze Control 4000 photometric converter

03 February, 2016

The Haze Control 4000 photometric converter has been designed for high-precision haze (turbidity) measurements.

Perten NIR DA7300 near infrared instrument for inline monitoring and control moisture of macro nutrients

07 December, 2015

The Perten NIR DA7300 is a near infrared instrument that can be attached directly into a production stream to monitor and provide feedback for process control based on readings of moisture or macro nutrients like protein or fat content.

Anton Paar L-Rix 510 inline refractometer

07 December, 2015

The Anton Paar L-Rix 510 inline refractometer is suitable for use in a wide range of hygienic applications, including measurements on pharmaceuticals, dairy, sugar solutions, syrup, food and beverages containing pulp.

SICK GM901 gas analyser and TRANSIC111LP laser oxygen transmitter

25 November, 2015

The GM901 gas analyser and TRANSIC111LP laser oxygen transmitter, both from SICK, monitor carbon monoxide during the coffee roasting process and measure oxygen on the packaging machine itself.

New technology inspired by old science

21 May, 2015

A 165-year-old scientific principle is behind the development of a new, non-contact way to measure high temperatures.

Emerson CSI 3000 Machinery Health Monitor

20 May, 2015

Emerson Process Management has introduced the CSI 3000 Machinery Health Monitor, a compact protection system for a wide range of machinery such as pumps, compressors, centrifuges, blowers and generators.

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