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Siemens Simatic CPU 317TF-2DP controller

26 July, 2010

The Simatic CPU 317TF-2DP controller from Siemens implements motion control, safety and standard tasks in one device. The controller utilises PLCopen-compatible motion control blocks and is suitable for coupled motion sequences of multiple axes.

Pressurex pressure-indicating sensor film

08 July, 2010 by

Ultrasonic welding is used in packaging for many everyday items, including sealing containers, tubes and blister packs.

Ecotech WinAQMS mini data acquisition system

06 July, 2010 by

The WinAQMS mini data acquisition system (DAS) has been specifically designed for use in ambient air, meteorological and emission monitoring applications.

Gems Sensors & Controls Electro-Optic Level Switch

06 July, 2010 by

Gems Sensors & Controls has introduced the solid-state Electro-Optic Level Switch for high-temperature and high-pressure applications.

Dwyer Instruments AFH2 airflow hood

06 July, 2010 by

The AFH2 airflow hood is designed to measure volumetric airflow from diffusers, grilles and registers. The hood maintains a running average of measurements in the desired engineering units and provides the ability to manually record measurements with the manometer on a given time period.

Endress+Hauser Liquiline CM442 digital, multiparameter controller

06 July, 2010

The Liquiline CM442 digital, multiparameter controller and range of digital sensors provide a complete analyser and sampler platform. The device currently measures six different parameters: pH, ORP, conductivity, turbidity, nitrate and dissolved oxygen.

Bronkhorst High-Tech In-Flowcta mass flow meters

06 May, 2010 by

Bronkhorst High-Tech In-Flowcta mass flow meters are modular, ruggedly designed, IP65 rated, dust free and waterproof.

AMCI stainless steel resolver transducer product line

06 May, 2010 by

AMCI has released the IP67-rated stainless steel resolver transducer product line, which comes standard with either a ¼, 3/8 or 5/8 stainless steel shaft and an oversized double-row sealed bearing. The input shaft in each of these stainless steel resolvers extends through the internal core of the resolver rotor windings. This one-piece rotor design eliminates internal coupling components and increases shaft strength and reliability.

WirelessHART specification international standard (IEC 62591Ed. 1.0)

06 May, 2010 by

The HART Communication Foundation has announced that the International Electrotechnical Commission has approved the WirelessHART specification as a full international standard (IEC 62591Ed. 1.0).

Banner Engineering World-Beam QS18 sensors

06 May, 2010 by

The Banner Engineering World-Beam QS18 adjustable-field foreground suppression sensors have been designed to detect objects regardless of colour, reflectivity, surface irregularities or background conditions.

Endress+Hauser Memograph M CVM40 Optical measurement recorder

06 May, 2010

The Memograph M CVM40 Optical measurement recorder has continuous measurement of UV absorption, colour, NIR absorption, turbidity and cell growth, and it also records other relevant process values such as flow, pressure and temperature.

Eltra precision rectilinear potentiometers

03 May, 2010 by

Automated Motion Systems is offering the Eltra precision rectilinear potentiometers, which are suitable for automation applications where analog position feedback is required, in linear motion control systems. They are commonly used with pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuators.

Fluid Components International Model MT91 flowmeter

03 May, 2010 by

Environmental, quality and plant managers responsible for reporting gas emissions from stacks and chimneys per European CEN or MCERT directives will find that the rugged MT91 multi-point gas mass flowmeter from Fluid Components International (FCI) offers an approved solution.

Dwyer TE duct and immersion building automation temperature sensors

03 May, 2010 by

The TE duct and immersion building automation temperature sensors can be used to monitor air or water temperature throughout a building management system or an air handler unit.

FGP Sensors XPCM10 miniature pressure transducer

03 March, 2010 by

The XPCM10, from FGP Sensors, is a miniature pressure transducer designed for use in temperatures of up to 220°C. It incorporates the company’s SanShift technology that virtually eliminates zero shifts caused by installation torque.

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