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Turck PS300 series pressure sensors

04 November, 2010 by

Turck’s PS300 series pressure sensors for hydraulic applications feature a rugged, IP69K-rated design to withstand harsh environments.

Wadeco MWS-ST/SR type microwave sensor for blocked chute detection

02 November, 2010 by

As well as its use for level detection, microwave technology is now being applied across many industries for applications such as the detection of blocked chutes, flow/no-flow detection, the detection of product on conveyors, the detection of blocked pneumatic conveying pipes and the detection of blocked air slides.

Hawk Measurement Gladiator acoustic switch series transducers

02 November, 2010 by

The Gladiator acoustic switch series with non-contact, self-cleaning technology can be used for blocked-chute detection.

Wincomm WMP-182 medical-grade computer

03 September, 2010 by

Wincomm’s medical-grade computer WMP series has a IP65 HMI (human machine interface) design and anti-bacterial coating.

Ronan X96SI/R radiometric transmitter

03 September, 2010 by

Ronan’s X96SI/R radiometric transmitter is fully ethernet capable, enabling configurations, software updates and data logging to be completed easily through the user’s PC, using a standard web browser.

Nevion Multicon multi-channel process controller/indicator/recorder

03 September, 2010 by

The Nevion Multicon controller is a versatile, compact multi-channel controller with an option to record data. It integrates advanced control functions (PID, on/off, time and profiles, etc) and logging of setpoints, process variables and current state of controlled objects.

Brookfield Engineering powder flow tester

03 September, 2010

The Brookfield Engineering powder flow tester (PFT) delivers quick and easy analysis of powder flow behaviour in industrial processing equipment.

Teralba Industries integrated temperature control systems

31 August, 2010 by

Teralba Industries has developed temperature control systems to integrate with its Mueller Accu-Therm plate heat exchangers.

Motion Technologies programmable limit switch solution

31 August, 2010 by

By combining ELAP’s MEM absolute multi-turn rotary encoder with SSI output (1024 steps/motor turn) and the CM78 microprocessor digital display with SSI input, Motion Technologies has created a simple and easily programmable limit switch solution.

PyroUSB non-contact infrared temperature sensor

31 August, 2010 by

The PyroUSB non-contact infrared temperature sensor connects directly to a PC via a USB cable (included) and operates without the need for any additional hardware interface or power supply.

Zupera SS-KB-SH series stainless steel shelf keyboards

31 August, 2010 by

Zupera SS-KB-SH series stainless steel shelf keyboards are based on the Crown-KBT series keyboards, mounted in a custom-designed brushed stainless steel shelf enclosure. Specifically designed for harsh industrial environments, these input devices have wipe-clean fascias and key-tops and can meet IP68 static or IP65 specifications when moving (key pressed or trackball rotating).

Rosemount 2160 vibrating fork liquid level switch

31 August, 2010 by

The Rosemount 2160 vibrating fork liquid level switch is a IEC 62591 (WirelessHART) point level switch, which enables level detection to be made in locations previously inaccessible or too costly for wired devices.

SEW-Eurodrive DUV30A vibration analysis sensor

31 August, 2010 by

The DUV30A vibration analysis sensor features faster sampling time at a constant speed, allowing the monitoring of more dynamic gear-unit applications. A key element of any effective predictive maintenance program, the DUV30A permits the early detection of gear-unit wear and damage, enabling site personnel to plan gear-unit maintenance.

Datapaq Food Tracker temperature measuring system

31 August, 2010 by

Datapaq has released the Food Tracker profiling system - a multi-channel method of measuring the actual product and ambient temperature throughout cook/fry/chill processes.

ICP Electronics WStrider-200 A rugged embedded controller

26 July, 2010 by

The WStrider-200 A rugged embedded controller is designed to operate under harsh conditions.

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