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New Zealand feels the sting of persistent fruit flies

13 August, 2019

Biosecurity New Zealand has stepped up its response to the persistent presence of fruit flies in Northcote, New Zealand, with intensive baiting and trapping.

Producing ready-to-eat salads at higher capacity

08 August, 2019

A processing line for the production of ready-to-eat salads was recently put into operation for a salad producer wanting to improve its capacities.

From corn to masa to corn chip — how the magic happens

22 July, 2019

More research into the food production process behind corn products is required to achieve high-quality consumable products, according to researchers.

'Vegebot' trained to harvest iceberg lettuce

09 July, 2019

A robotic harvester, dubbed the 'Vegebot', has been trained to identify, harvest and cut iceberg lettuce ready for the supermarket.

Meatless manufacturing to meet demand

03 July, 2019 by Darcy Simonis*

A discussion on the rise of meatless products and how producers are keeping up with demand.

Sanitiser kills bacteria on organic food

27 June, 2019

A combination of lactic acid and food-grade sodium hypochlorite could offer a sanitising strategy to the organic food processing industry.

Citrus oil producer uses vacuum distillation

11 June, 2019

Capua 1880 uses dry screw vacuum technology from Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems to produce high-quality essential oils from citrus fruits for use in food flavouring.

NZ sheep farmers diversify into cherries

24 May, 2019

A sheep and cattle station in Central Otago is setting aside 80 hectares of pastoral land to produce premium quality cherries for export from 2021–2022.

Growing potatoes in high temperatures

16 May, 2019

Biochemists have produced potato plants that are resistant to high temperatures by switching off a small RNA that blocks the formation of tubers.

Mango auto harvester in action

16 May, 2019

Watch a mango auto harvester in action during shed trials in February 2019.

Mango auto-harvester a good pick in Queensland

16 May, 2019

CQUniversity has revealed details of its "world's first" mango auto-harvester that takes just five seconds to pick a mango.

Fruit specialist leaves nothing to chance with X-ray

01 May, 2019

A gourmet fruit specialist is using an Ishida X-ray inspection system to ensure its shredded apricots remain free from minute stone and other contaminants.

Wild tomato evolution could help reduce pesticides

26 April, 2019

Michigan State University researchers have obtained a better understanding of the natural insect resistance of wild tomato plants, which could help reduce the use of pesticides.

Taking guesswork out of food processing wastewater disposal

15 April, 2019 by David Tenenbaum

A US study measured nitrogen in wastewater from local cheesemaking and vegetable processing with interesting results.

High-tech future for the Australian food industry

08 April, 2019

Autonomous harvesting, smart food hubs and premium food science will all be researched as part of the Future Food Systems CRC.

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