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Improving tomato yields with new AI-enabled service

01 April, 2020

NEC partners with Kagome to provide an AI-enabled service that improves tomato yields for tomato processing companies.

Starchy opportunity for 'ugly' potatoes

03 March, 2020

Four Australian potato producers are turning their waste potatoes into new products, starting with building a starch industry in South Australia.

Drones used to fight threat to bananas

12 February, 2020

Biosecurity Queensland has called in air support in its war against the biggest threat to Australia's $580 million banana industry.

Frozen food to fork: managing listeriosis risks

13 December, 2019

A modelling tool has been developed to assist the frozen food industry manage listeriosis risks in the face of changing consumer trends.

Watermelons with paddock-to-plate traceability

28 November, 2019

A Queensland seedless watermelon grower is using FreshChain blockchain technology to ensure end-to-end consumer traceability of its product.

Post-harvest process to improve shelf life of apples

13 November, 2019

Austrian researchers have developed a sustainable method to optimise storage of fruit and vegetables, thereby reducing harvest losses along the supply chain.

Turning surplus product into food pouches for people in need

08 October, 2019

A socially conscious food manufacturer can now produce 42 million nutritional food pouches each year, with the help of equipment from HRS Heat Exchangers.

French potato chip manufacturer makes the most of leftovers

23 September, 2019

A French manufacturer of potato chips has installed a biomethane plant to process around 22,000 tonnes pa of chip leftovers and sludge into green energy.

'Jumping genes' for drought-resistant tomatoes

18 September, 2019

Once dismissed as 'junk DNA', a family of 'jumping genes' found in tomatoes has the potential to improve drought-resistance traits.

Squeezing the myths on OJ pasteurisation

01 September, 2019

The challenge for manufacturers of fresh orange juice is the speed at which the flavour and quality alters and deteriorates after the orange is squeezed.

New Zealand feels the sting of persistent fruit flies

13 August, 2019

Biosecurity New Zealand has stepped up its response to the persistent presence of fruit flies in Northcote, New Zealand, with intensive baiting and trapping.

Producing ready-to-eat salads at higher capacity

08 August, 2019

A processing line for the production of ready-to-eat salads was recently put into operation for a salad producer wanting to improve its capacities.

From corn to masa to corn chip — how the magic happens

22 July, 2019

More research into the food production process behind corn products is required to achieve high-quality consumable products, according to researchers.

'Vegebot' trained to harvest iceberg lettuce

09 July, 2019

A robotic harvester, dubbed the 'Vegebot', has been trained to identify, harvest and cut iceberg lettuce ready for the supermarket.

Meatless manufacturing to meet demand

03 July, 2019 by Darcy Simonis*

A discussion on the rise of meatless products and how producers are keeping up with demand.

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