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Dinies Technologies UV disinfection systems

08 February, 2019

Dinies Technologies designs and manufactures UV disinfection systems for a number of industries, including the food industry.

CRC Industries NSF A1-rated CRC Food-Grade Bio-Degreaser

31 January, 2019

The NSF A1-rated CRC Food-Grade Bio-Degreaser is a heavy-duty cleaner formulated to penetrate and dissolve tough grease, oil and contaminants for easy removal, safely.

Make commercial paints and coatings antimicrobial

25 January, 2019

In a bonus for food safety, a new technology is making commercial paints and coatings antimicrobial.

Is glove juice contaminating your product?

18 January, 2019

Anyone who thinks simply supplying disposable gloves ensures safe food is kidding themselves.

How to get rid of biofilms — by peeling

15 January, 2019

A new way to remove biofilms by peeling them off equipment and devices has been found.

Jet System 4 Intralox Type Conveyor Belt Cleaning System

10 December, 2018

The Jet System 4 is an intelligently automated conveyor belt cleaning system that removes debris from the conveyor belt, and increases hygiene and cleanliness in dry cleaning environments.

Orbel personal hand hygiene device

01 November, 2018

Orbel is a personal hand hygiene device that helps improve hand hygiene compliance.

Don't bother getting a factory cat

02 October, 2018

It seems that, contrary to popular opinion, cats are not good predators of rats.

Beating biofilms

26 September, 2018

Slimy microbial biofilms are notoriously hard to eliminate but a microbubble-driven solution is coming.

Slippery way to cleaner food processing equipment

01 August, 2018

Using cooking oil to create slippery, non-wetting and non-adhesive surfaces can result in 1000-fold reductions in bacterial contamination.

Confused beetles and sex pheromones

01 August, 2018

Some stored product pests can lay 500 eggs in a week and live three years — controlling them is crucial.

Spraying Systems Co. AutoJet Conveyor Belt Cleaning System

01 August, 2018

The AutoJet Conveyor Belt Cleaning System by Spraying Systems Co. can reduce cross-contamination and help to clean dirty conveyor belts safely and effectively.

Parasites and food contamination

11 July, 2018

A regular cause of traveller's diarrhoea for those visiting developing countries, Cyclospora cayetanensis is increasingly causing disease in the US.

Amco HACCPER sanitising mat

10 July, 2018

Amco's HACCPER food-grade sanitising mat is made from synthetic PVC so it will not stain or dirty the flooring.

Food-safety training needn't be high-tech

04 July, 2018 by Jeff Mulhollem

While current training for food safety and sanitation usually incorporates high-technology presentations, such as videos and slide shows, there is still a need for low-tech approaches.

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