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EXAIR Model 1004SS M4 back blow air nozzle

05 April, 2017

The EXAIR Model 1004SS M4 back blow air nozzle has been designed to deliver the smallest, most effective airflow for blowing debris and liquids from small pipe or hose inside diameters, channel, bores, holes, internal threads and other internal part features.

Wells Hygiene 5S Shadow Board cleaning station

28 March, 2017

Wells Hygiene has developed a range of visual workplace tools, including the 5S Shadow Board cleaning station, to assist companies to enhance efficiency and safety.

Pick the right harness to ensure silo safety

21 March, 2017

In the UK, a father has just been fined £50,000 following the death of his son in a grain silo accident.

Exair Large Siphon Fed Atomizing Spray Nozzle

17 March, 2017

Exair's ½″ Siphon Fed Atomizing Spray Nozzle atomises a variety of fluids in a round spray pattern where no liquid pressure is available and heavy application of liquid is needed.

Cleaning adapted to the hygienic state of the machine

15 March, 2017

Inline sensor systems combined with cognitive control concepts will enable cleaning systems to identify dirt on machinery and institute cleaning.

Alfa Laval TJ40G rotary tank cleaning machine

06 March, 2017

The Alfa Laval TJ40G rotary tank cleaning machine uses a high-impact jet stream to effectively clean tough tank residues and minimise the risk of product contamination.

Exair Anti-Static Ion Air Cannon

08 February, 2017

Exair's Ion Air Cannon eliminates static electricity and cleans at distances up to 4.6 m, with no moving parts. It is suitable for benchtops, machine mounting and hard-to-reach spaces that require a concentrated flow of static-eliminating ions.

EcoCatalysts FOGs breakdown technology

01 February, 2017

A permanent solution to fat, oil and grease build-up that can block pipes, sewers, wet wells and pump stations can be achieved using EcoCatalysts' bio-organic catalyst technology.

Not just peanuts — the largest food safety-related fine in history

17 January, 2017

After admitting that it shipped contaminated Peter Pan and private label peanut butter during a 2006–2007 nationwide outbreak of salmonellosis, ConAgra Grocery Products has agreed to pay a criminal fine of $8 million and the forfeiture of $3.2 million of assets — the largest food safety-related fine in history.

Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Head

22 December, 2016

The design of the Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Head means the first — out of eight — cleaning cycles is hitting the tank wall at an evenly dense cleaning pattern throughout the entire tank surface.

A.K.A. Cleaning Machines dry ice blasting

15 December, 2016

A.K.A. Cleaning Machines provides dry ice blasting to effectively decontaminate surfaces of Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria.

Milk processor saves time, chemicals and water by cleaning with Gamajet

05 December, 2016

Switching to Gamajet to clean its spray dryers has saved a milk company time, chemicals and water.

A sweet solution for E. coli contaminated water

23 November, 2016

Canadian researchers have developed a paper strip laced with sugar which can kill E. coli in contaminated water.

Tecpro Australia Air/Water Cleaning Gun

01 November, 2016

Tecpro Australia's Air/Water Cleaning Gun combines low pressure water with compressed air, enabling efficient cleaning when water pressure is low or clean water supplies are limited.

Flexco FGP Food Grade Primary Cleaner

27 October, 2016

Flexco has added the FGP Food Grade Primary Cleaner to its line of light-duty belt conveyor products.

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