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Milk processor saves time, chemicals and water by cleaning with Gamajet

05 December, 2016

Switching to Gamajet to clean its spray dryers has saved a milk company time, chemicals and water.

A sweet solution for E. coli contaminated water

23 November, 2016

Canadian researchers have developed a paper strip laced with sugar which can kill E. coli in contaminated water.

Tecpro Australia Air/Water Cleaning Gun

01 November, 2016

Tecpro Australia's Air/Water Cleaning Gun combines low pressure water with compressed air, enabling efficient cleaning when water pressure is low or clean water supplies are limited.

Flexco FGP Food Grade Primary Cleaner

27 October, 2016

Flexco has added the FGP Food Grade Primary Cleaner to its line of light-duty belt conveyor products.

3M Anti-Slip Surface Protection Film

26 October, 2016

3M's Anti-Slip Surface Protection Film protects floors from the damage caused by finish-eroding events such as liquid drips, spills, heavy traffic and rolling chairs.

Euro Pumps Contra Shear upgrade

17 October, 2016

Euro Pumps' Contra Shear CIP upgrades are a plug-and-play upgrade to an existing Contra Shear, increasing its ability to process liquid waste and lowers water treatment and wastewater disposal costs.

Dynapumps industrial and research sized diffusion pumps

10 October, 2016

The Dynapumps range of industrial and research sized diffusion pumps extends from small R&D pumps of 65 L/s to full-scale industrial pumps with capacities as large as 28,000 L/s.

Dynapumps side channel blower

10 October, 2016

The Dynapumps side channel blower has flows from 50–2500 m3/h and pressures up to 1000 mbar.

5S hygiene management program

05 October, 2016

Wells Hygiene has developed a comprehensive, fully customisable 5S shadow board system to support hygiene management, colour coding and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in the food and beverage industry.

Tecpro conveyor cleaning products and services

01 October, 2016

Tecpro Australia offers a wide range of spray nozzles suitable for every situation, plus technical consultants and engineers to provide advice and custom-designed spraying systems.

Biocontrol MVP ICON ATP result tracking

01 October, 2016

The Biocontrol MVP ICON, available from AMSL Scientific, comes packaged with dashboard software which allows users to save data onto the instrument and eliminate the need for recording results manually.

Tecpro Australia vehicle disinfection system

21 September, 2016

Tecpro Australia offers cost-effective vehicle disinfection systems that are easy to install at the entrance and exit of a plant or farm.

Tecpro Spring Retractable Hose Reels with Safety Brake

01 September, 2016

Tecpro Australia has released a Safety Brake system to slow down the speed of hose reel retraction. The safety brake uses a compact, adjustable pawl locking mechanism that attaches to the Spring Retractable Hose Reels.

De Nora Next Giselle sanitising system

08 August, 2016

The Giselle system from De Nora Next produces a sodium hypochlorite sanitising solution called Soleva on-site and on demand using only salt, tap water and electricity.

Tecpro stainless steel flat fan blowing nozzles

05 August, 2016

Tecpro Australia has released a Flat Fan Blowing Nozzle in 316L stainless steel that is suitable for applications requiring strong impact airflows.

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