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PET preform inspection system

06 July, 2010

IntraVis Vision Systems of Germany has installed its Sample PreWatcher machinery in the Coca-Cola plant in Halle, Germany, and into two large suppliers for Coca-Cola in the USA.

Hardy Instruments Enviro sanitary checkweighers

06 July, 2010

Hardy Instruments’ Enviro line of sanitary checkweighers meets the needs of the food industry for sanitary checkweighing with electronics that withstand high-pressure, high-temperature washdown environments. The equipment is NTEP Class III certified, having met the National Conference on Weights & Measures’ standards for performance, operating characteristics, features and options of weighing and measuring devices.

I Spy Pies uses X-rays

04 May, 2010 by

A food X-ray machine is in use at the I Spy Pies processing plant at Maroochydore. The machine is installed on the pie line to ensure the company’s pies are free of physical contaminants.

Metal detection machine for Perth bakery

15 March, 2010 by

A metal detection machine was recently commissioned for Mias Bakery in Perth. The machine ensures the company’s bread is free of potential metal contamination as required by its internal quality assurance processes.

Heuft moCheck empty mould inspection system

03 March, 2010 by

The Heuft moCheck empty mould inspection system can be used to identify product residue in empty moulds used for the production of chocolate, toffees, sweets and fondants. This prevents the risk of soiling due to the liquid product overflowing, precludes contamination due to non-brand contents and ensures the microbiological purity of the end product.

Mesutronic Transmetron 05 CI metal detector

01 March, 2010 by

The Mesutronic Transmetron 05 CI metal detector is suitable for inspecting products along a conveyor belt.

Heuft VX OCR code verification system

01 March, 2010 by

The Heuft VX OCR code verification system can be used to check the presence of best before dates (BBDs) or bar codes on filled confectionery packages and also verify their correctness.

Heuft eXaminer XA foreign object inspection unit

26 February, 2010 by

The Heuft eXaminer XA can be used to identify foreign objects such as pieces of broken glass or metal in liquid, paste-like and spreadable products and remove contaminated packages.

Prisma pipeline metal detectors

28 January, 2010

Prisma’s range of pipeline metal detectors is for use in horizontal pipeline metal detection applications. The MDT09 and MDT11 pipeline metal detectors are suitable for liquids, meats and paste products in horizontal tubing.

Anti-counterfeiting technology for RFID tags

20 November, 2009

Researchers have developed a robust method to prevent cloning of passive radiofrequency identification tags that will not add to the cost of the tags.

Inspection system for cans

30 October, 2009 by

Applied Vision Corporation has signed on to provide inspection systems for 11 new can manufacturing plants in 10 countries. Each new plant will install multiple Applied Vision systems to inspect everything from the quality of ends to decoration accuracy. Major can manufacturers, including CanPack, Crown, Impress and Rexam, are among the backers of the new projects located across the globe in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

Sanitary inspection systems

30 October, 2009 by

Anritsu has introduced several new product inspection solutions, including a high-accuracy model and a sanitary X-ray system. The high-accuracy model X-ray provides improved contaminant detection accuracy.

IP68-rated vision sensors

28 October, 2009 by

The Banner Engineering PresencePlus P4 IP68-rated, sealed Omni vision sensors feature a compact, yet durable nickel-plated aluminium housing. The P4 sealed vision sensor withstands demanding washdown conditions - as well as dust and debris common in harsh-duty environments - with the use of an integrated ring light or lens cover.

Packaging and label inspection

28 October, 2009 by

PPT Vision has added the Right-Angle T-Series intelligent camera to its series of Impact smart cameras. The camera is paired with PPT Vision’s full Impact software suite, which solves challenging industrial vision applications such as product or feature inspection, location and identification. Impact smart cameras employ closely integrated vision software and hardware to deliver a sophisticated solution for vial inspection, label inspection, optical character recognition and many other machine vision applications.

Packaging vision system

28 October, 2009 by

The Multivac Vision System (MVS) can be used for both controlling packaging robots and quality control.

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