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Espera ESVS Vision System

13 May, 2014

Espera has developed a cost-effective vision control system that automatically verifies packages using high-resolution inline cameras. The ESVS Vision System can be used as a standalone quality control system, or integrated inline with any existing Espera weigh price labellers.

Sick Lector 65x camera-based code reader

07 May, 2014

The Lector 65x matrix camera is part of SICK's family of image-based code readers. The product comes with 2 or 4 megapixel camera resolution and wide angle for a large working field.

Balluff BVS-E Universal vision sensor

13 March, 2014

The BVS-E Universal vision sensor from Balluff has integral processing electronics, lighting and two digital outputs. It combines the functions of the BVS-E Advanced and BVS-E Ident vision sensors in the one device.

Fish processor selects second metal detector

03 March, 2014

White fish processor Kirwin Brothers decided on a Phantom metal detector from Fortress Technology to keep up with increased demand and its customers' requirements. Happy with the system, the company purchased a second.

Knowledge hub for product inspection launched

18 February, 2014

Eagle Product Inspection has launched a new website and knowledge hub that aims to provide food and pharmaceutical manufacturers with information on technologies, trends, regulations and legislation in the inspection market.

Fujifilm UV light amount distribution measurement film

06 January, 2014

Fujifilm has launched three types of UVSCALE, a UV light amount distribution measurement film that visualises light amount distribution of a broad range of UV lights using the colour optical density of the film.

Communicating through labels

10 December, 2013

New label-related technologies are reducing the errors that can be harmful to a brand or even present liability issues for a brand owner, while other technologies are improving the purchasing experience for consumers by giving them access to more information and helping them 'connect' with brands.

What you can't see and measure, you can't manage

02 December, 2013

Integrating identification and inspection processes gives better visibility into the packaging area, which was previously a black hole, and an overall picture of what is happening on the production line, such as rejects per hour rates in real time.

The benefits of integration

08 November, 2013 by Dannielle Furness

Identification and inspection in food manufacturing are often regarded as two discrete processes; one bound by a plethora of legal and compliance requirements, the other an inherent part of manufacturing operations.

The benefits of integrating identification and inspection: an eBook

28 October, 2013

New technologies are making inspection systems in the food industry much easier to integrate, helping to ensure problems with recalls don't happen. This due diligence can protect both consumers and your brand. This eBook reviews the latest identification systems for your food plant. Download now.

IntraVis Vision Systems CapWatcher III closure inspection system

26 September, 2013

The machine has six cameras that capture high-resolution images of each individual closure to identify defects such as short shots, colour deviations and micro-holes. It can check closures at speeds of up to 210,000 closures/h.

Make your food or pharmaceutical product security and tracking edible

12 September, 2013

Covert, low-cost, heat-resistant, edible silica microtags can serve as invisible barcodes which can be incorporated into the very fabric of a food or pharmaceutical.

Traceability, accurate data and modern technologies

19 August, 2013

Real-time track-and-trace solutions can ensure that a food product is accurately tracked at every stage of the supply chain but this is only useful if the data is reliable, has been accurately gathered and has not been tampered with.

Wenglor colour sensor for food, packaging and pharmaceuticals

04 July, 2013

The Wenglor colour sensor for food, packaging and pharmaceuticals provides colour recognition even with changes in distance and is capable of evaluating up to three colours simultaneously.

VT100 benchtop tensile and COF tester

01 May, 2013

The VT100 is suitable for packaging manufacturers and companies that are packing and sealing their own plastic packaging, paper packaging and food packaging.

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