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KTM INOX contrast sensor

20 April, 2016

The KTM Inox contrast sensor from SICK features high greyscale resolution and is integrated into a rugged stainless steel housing. The optimised OES4 ASIC technology, combined with a response time of 35 μs, ensures good detection of contrast marks, even on glossy materials.

SICK LUTM luminescence sensor

24 March, 2016

The SICK LUTM luminescence sensor features a miniature housing combined with an IO-Link function.

Eagle Product Inspection food X-ray equipment

21 March, 2016

FPE has available Eagle Product Inspection's food X-ray equipment product range.

SICK TriSpector1000 3D vision sensor

17 February, 2016

SICK has developed its first 3D vision sensor — the TriSpector1000 — which can carry out inspection tasks without programming.

DFC metal detection and checkweighing equipment

29 January, 2016

DFC Group of Companies has introduced a range of inspection systems, including stand-alone metal detectors and checkweighers and combination units.

Keeping 90 tons of yoghurt/day foreign contaminant-free

21 January, 2016

An Ishida X-ray system is monitoring approximately 12,000 to 14,000 yoghurt cups/h at Kri Kri's plant in northern Greece, ensuring all cups are free of any foreign contaminants.

SICK CSM colour sensor

15 January, 2016

The CSM colour sensor from SICK detects and monitors objects on the basis of their colour.

Anritsu XR75 X-ray Inspection System

04 December, 2015

Anritsu has launched the XR75 X-ray Inspection System.

Heat and Control CEIA THS/RB-800 metal detector system for inline applications

24 November, 2015

The CEIA THS/RB-800 system from Heat and Control is a CEIA metal detector suitable for use with checkweighers or other inline equipment.

It's what's on the inside that counts

11 November, 2015

To ensure that every pack really does have on the inside what it states on the outside, 2D vision sensors from SICK visually inspect every product that leaves the belt at frozen food manufacturer Crop's.

CEIA THS/RB-800 metal detector system for inline applications

11 November, 2015

A CEIA metal detector can be integrated with any checkweigher or other inline equipment using the CEIA THS/RB-800 system from Heat and Control.

Sensor intelligence replaces mechanical singulation

04 November, 2015

In the production plant of a well-known fruit juice manufacturer, the fruit juices are pressed, decanted into a huge range of Tetra Pak cartons and then packaged again in trays without any interruptions — thanks to the DeltaPac MultiTask photoelectric sensor from SICK.

The growing market for anti-counterfeit food packaging

14 October, 2015

The market for anti-counterfeit food and beverage packaging is expected to reach US$62.5 billion globally by 2020.

SealTick TSE 6089L leak/seal tester for pet food and large packages

07 October, 2015

The SealTick TSE 6089L is developed on demand to fulfil users' leak testing requirements for pet food and pet care products in large-size packages.

Ishida AirScan leak detector

29 September, 2015

Heat and Control has available Ishida Europe's AirScan leak detector, designed to help manufacturers minimise spoilage in pre-packed retail products.

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