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Ximea XiQ USB 3 industrial cameras

06 April, 2017

Ximea XiQ USB 3 industrial cameras are suitable for a range of applications, including industrial, manufacturing and factory automation, robotics, food and print inspection, face recognition, automotive crash testing and rapid process capturing.

Xavis FSCAN X-ray inspection systems

06 April, 2017

The Xavis FSCAN series of X-ray inspection systems offers affordable high-speed and high-performance inline inspection for detecting foreign materials that may have been introduced during the production process.

Have you had your magnets checked lately?

31 March, 2017

Magnetic separation systems are great for eliminating metal contaminents but need to be audited regularly to ensure they are working effectively.

Is X-ray better than a metal detector?

29 March, 2017

Whether you use X-ray or metal detection to detect any foreign contaminants in your products depends on your application. This quick Q&A explains.

Key Technology VERYX belt-fed digital sorter

08 February, 2017

The easy-to-use, VERYX belt-fed digital sorter features sustainable all-sided surface inspection, multi-sensor Pixel Fusion, high-resolution cameras and laser sensors. The sorter can detect and eject products with sub-millimetre size defects and foreign material while virtually eliminating false rejects.

Fortress Multi-Lane Food Metal Detector

20 December, 2016

The Fortress Multi-Lane Food Metal Detector comprises four separate lanes which travel through a single search head.

Bestech Australia OX2/231 Oxygen Permeability Tester

08 December, 2016

Bestech Australia has introduced the OX2/231, an oxygen permeability tester to determine oxygen transmission rate of film and package products.

Bestech Australia TSE6086B package leak tester

02 December, 2016

Bestech Australia's TSE6086B is a non-destructive package leak tester that conducts package leak testing in as little as 5 s.

Eriez Xtreme RE7 Tube Circuit

01 December, 2016

The Eriez Xtreme RE7 Tube Circuit has advanced rare earth permanent magnet technology resulting in a product that is 13 to 40% stronger than other magnets in head-to-head pull tests.

OFI Weigh & Inspection Solutions C80 Checkweigher

30 November, 2016

OFI Weigh & Inspection Solutions' C80 is a high-precision, high-speed checkweigher built to last in harsh environments.

Amcor and Selinko InTact anti-counterfeit cap for wine and spirits

30 November, 2016

Amcor Capsules and Selinko have collaborated to launch InTact, a connected overcap to protect wines and spirits against counterfeiting and fraudulent refilling.

UWI Technology UWI Label elapsed time indicator

07 November, 2016

UWI Technology has developed the UWI Label, an elapsed time indicator which is activated automatically and, once started, cannot be stopped.

Mettler-Toledo V2630 Flex flexible vision system with integrated Matrox SureDotOCR

03 November, 2016

Mettler-Toledo's V2630 Flex flexible vision system's CIVCore software incorporates Matrox Imaging's SureDotOCR vision tool, which is designed to overcome the challenges involved with reading dot-matrix text.

KHS preform deduster

24 October, 2016

KHS's preform deduster can be located upstream of an inspection system to remove unwanted particles.

Vision inspection system at meatworks ensures compliance

07 October, 2016

A leading Brisbane-based meatworks producing high volumes needed an inspection system that guaranteed speed, product integrity and accuracy.

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