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Ishida IX-GA X-ray Inspection system

10 July, 2014

Ishida's range of X-ray Inspection systems can be used to not only accurately detect bone, metal, plastic and other foreign objects but also imperfections unrelated to contamination.

Key Technology Python Smart Laser Sorter

07 July, 2014

Python is a smart laser sorter that removes foreign material (FM), extraneous vegetative matter (EVM) and defects based on size, shape, colour and structure to improve product quality while increasing yield.

Tomra Nimbus free-fall sorter with BSI technology

28 June, 2014

Tomra Sorting Solutions has introduced its biometric signature identification (BSI) technology into the Nimbus free-fall sorter for nuts and raisins. The technology works by detecting the biometric characteristics of the nuts and raisins it scans and comparing them to features in its stored database to determine whether they should be accepted or rejected.

Sick Lector 620 OCR code reader

27 June, 2014

The Lector 620 OCR code reader is designed for reading and comparing plain text and simultaneous identification of conventional 1D and 2D codes in packaging applications.

Sick TranspaTect optoelectronic sensor

24 June, 2014

TranspaTect is an optoelectronic sensor for detecting, counting or positioning transparent objects and optically critical surfaces. The machine has no reflector, which simplifies machine design, cuts commissioning costs, and prevents problems involving replacement due to contamination.

Inspection Systems Camsensor FoodPack Vision systems

18 June, 2014

Inspections Systems has released Camsensor FoodPack Vision systems, which use smart camera technology to analyse and detect package seal issues.

Dematic joins GS1 Alliance Partner Program

12 June, 2014

Dematic has joined the GS1 Alliance Partner Program as an Associate Alliance Partner with GS1 Australia.

CSB-Eyedentifier automated product identification system

28 May, 2014

CSB-Eyedentifier enables fully automated item recognition. Up until now, manual entries were required for identifying, sorting and targeting items. Now using sophisticated image analysis fully automated item recognition allows for efficient and reliable automatic entry of products.

A&D Weighing EZI-Check metal detector and checkweighing inspection systems

27 May, 2014

EZI-Check checkweighing and metal detection technology is suitable across industrial, scientific and healthcare sectors. The inspection systems are engineered to precisely weigh and accurately detect metal contaminants in packaged products while they travel along a conveyor line.

Eriez Magnetics range of magnetic detectors and separators

26 May, 2014

Eriez Magnetics offers equipment and systems to protect product purity and increase the efficiency of a process - from the moment ingredients enter the plant to the time the end product ships from the dock. The company's wide range of magnetic separators, metal detectors, vibratory feeders and screens, bin vibrators, grate and plate magnets, conveyors and liquid traps has been designed to meet the particular needs of the food manufacturing industry.

Trimatt ValidForm packaging validation system

20 May, 2014

Trimatt Systems has developed a simple-to-use validation system to ensure users are packing their goods into the correct packing containers. The Trimatt ValidForm has been developed to help maintain 100% product integrity.

Pall GeneDisc for food pathogen/food spoilage testing

17 May, 2014

Pall provides an easy, rapid, sensitive and specific method for pathogen and microbial detection in the meat, dairy, brewing and beverage industries. The GeneDisc system helps accelerate micro testing with a reproducible test solution.

Sensorplex Process Verification System

16 May, 2014

The Sensorplex Process Verification System (PVS) uses machine vision technology to perform two main functions: to inspect the product at different stages of the production process and to verify that the correct combination of individual components is selected for each product/SKU.

Detectmet detectable stretch wrap

14 May, 2014

CK Safety is the sole Australasian supplier of Detectamet products - products that can be detected by conventional X-ray systems (dependent on detection sensitivity), inline metal detectors and magnetic extraction systems. Detectmet's detectable stretch wrap helps ingredient suppliers to protect their customers from accidental contamination where block frozen supplies have been susceptible to polythene entrapment.

Espera ESVS Vision System

13 May, 2014

Espera has developed a cost-effective vision control system that automatically verifies packages using high-resolution inline cameras. The ESVS Vision System can be used as a standalone quality control system, or integrated inline with any existing Espera weigh price labellers.

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