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Make your food or pharmaceutical product security and tracking edible

12 September, 2013

Covert, low-cost, heat-resistant, edible silica microtags can serve as invisible barcodes which can be incorporated into the very fabric of a food or pharmaceutical.

Traceability, accurate data and modern technologies

19 August, 2013

Real-time track-and-trace solutions can ensure that a food product is accurately tracked at every stage of the supply chain but this is only useful if the data is reliable, has been accurately gathered and has not been tampered with.

Wenglor colour sensor for food, packaging and pharmaceuticals

04 July, 2013

The Wenglor colour sensor for food, packaging and pharmaceuticals provides colour recognition even with changes in distance and is capable of evaluating up to three colours simultaneously.

VT100 benchtop tensile and COF tester

01 May, 2013

The VT100 is suitable for packaging manufacturers and companies that are packing and sealing their own plastic packaging, paper packaging and food packaging.

Matthews Australasia traceability solutions

21 March, 2013

Matthews Australasia will demonstrate its full range of traceability solutions at AUSPACK PLUS 2013. The company will showcase the Linx CJ400 continuous inkjet printer, as well as launching several products.

IntraWatcher PVLC label inspection system for cylindrical plastic packages

12 February, 2013

The IntraWatcher PVLC system is designed for the quality control of labels on cylindrical unoriented containers. It inspects pressure-sensitive, injection-moulded and heat-transferred labels.

Intercept wireless-enabled security lock for retail products

10 January, 2013

The Intercept lock is a wireless-enabled lock placed on the product, such as in the micro USB port on a mobile phone. The Intercept lock disables the product’s functionality until the lock is deactivated during checkout.

SICK Lector620 series 1D and 2D code readers

05 November, 2012

Sick’s Lector620 series of 1D and 2D code readers provide reliable reading performance, rapid integration in a variety of packaging machine IT environments and extensive analysis and diagnostic possibilities.

Sick Inspector P150 vision sensor

30 October, 2012

The Sick Inspector P150 allows users to easily build their own interfaces, as well as operate the sensor from any computer or operator panel that contains a standard web browser.

Wenglor InoxSens CIP sensor system

15 October, 2012

The Wenglor InoxSens System is designed for the high hygienic demands of the food, chemicals, packaging, pharmaceutical and similar industries. The Wenglor InoxSens products come as a modular CIP system of sensors.

Mettler Toledo Cubetape portable dimensioning device

15 October, 2012

Mettler Toledo has developed Cubetape, a portable dimensioning device, for small to medium freight forwarding companies looking to include dimensioning in their procedures without investing in larger, more costly technology.

ifm efector RFID system for production and conveying

24 September, 2012

ifm efector has developed an RFID system for production and conveying. The robust evaluation unit is equipped with an integrated Profibus DP interface and a web server.

Balluff BIS-V RFID controller

20 September, 2012

Balluff’s BIS-V RFID controller is a compact evaluation unit that enables simultaneous connection of up to four read/write heads. Both HF and LF read heads can be connected and are automatically detected.

To buy or not to buy … because of the challenge

23 August, 2012

Opening packages is taken for granted by most. But Arthritis Australia asks that we all be cognisant of those members of society who struggle with opening packs.

Getting ahead of the curve in packaging product inspection

07 August, 2012

Billions of consumer packages flow from assembly lines every day, each one required to state the precise net weight, volume or number of pieces of its contents. To avoid consumer and legal issues that may arise if net weights fall below specifications, manufacturers often overfill bottles, jars, tubes, boxes and cans, incurring significant costs from unnecessary product giveaway. By implementing a robust statistical quality control (SQC) system, manufacturers can cut losses and enhance compliance. Mettler Toledo clarifies the benefits of SQC systems in its white paper, entitled ‘Package Quality Control - Net Content Control’.

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