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Metal detector

28 October, 2009 by

The Lock Inspection Systems MET 30+ Universal metal detector is distributed in Australia by JW Industrial Instruments.

IP68-rated vision sensors

28 October, 2009 by

The Banner Engineering PresencePlus P4 IP68-rated, sealed Omni vision sensors feature a compact, yet durable nickel-plated aluminium housing. The P4 sealed vision sensor withstands demanding washdown conditions - as well as dust and debris common in harsh-duty environments - with the use of an integrated ring light or lens cover.

Combined metal detector/checkweigher

23 September, 2009

Dynamic Inspection, which manufactures metal detectors and checkweighers for use in the food processing industry in New Zealand and exports them internationally, has launched a truly integrated combination metal detection and checkweighing system.

Ishida DACS-CW multi-lane checkweigher

28 August, 2009

Ishida has launched a multi-lane checkweigher with up to six lanes which can handle the same volume as several checkweighers, leading to cost and space savings.

Full container inspection for glass and PET lines

28 August, 2009 by

The Heuft eXaminer XO not only identifies solid foreign objects but also lower density contamination in filled, transparent bottles. The full container inspection system is equipped with optical and radiometric inspection technologies for this. Therefore, it is suitable for safeguarding product quality along glass and PET lines.

Aflatoxin-detecting laser sorter

06 July, 2009 by

The Best Detox aflatoxin laser sorter has been designed to provide reductions in aflatoxin levels on a wide range of crop plants. The sorter uses optical laser technology to detect and reject aflatoxin-contaminated products at a normal processing flow. Combined with the Best Free-Fall technology, it ensures a minimum of yield loss.

X-ray inspection system

03 July, 2009 by

The Dyxim X-ray inspection system by Sartorius can be used to protect final products from contaminants and, consequently, consumers against adverse health effects.

High-speed inline checkweighing system

10 June, 2009

The Dolphin Checkweigher is a high-speed inline checkweighing system that is designed and manufactured in Australia.

Metal detectors

01 April, 2009 by

Dynamic Inspection has introduced a high-sensitivity metal detector for non-conductive products that is able to detect down to 1.5 mm ferrous and 2.0 mm stainless in a 350 mm high aperture. The system is suitable for dry applications such as powders, rice grains, etc. Smaller apertures detect smaller contaminants.

Portable cap torque gauge

11 December, 2008

The Mark-10 Series MGTC Cap Torque Gauge features a universal grip for caps from 16.5 to 45.7 mm diameter, providing a simple solution for basic handheld cap torque testing in packaging applications.

Metal detection monitoring

01 July, 2008

JL Lennard has introduced AuditCheck to its Goring Kerr DSP range of metal detectors for the food processing and packaging industries, reducing or eliminating quarantine and improving line efficiency.

On-conveyor metal detector

01 July, 2008

Mesutronic has released the Transmetron 05 CI, a metal detector suitable for inspecting products along a conveyor belt.

Radiation-free carton inspection

01 July, 2008

The second generation of packaging contents inspection systems (PCIS) is easy to install, simply dropping over existing product lines and occupying minimal line length.

Mesutronic metal detector

01 July, 2008

Mesutronic has released the Aluscan metal detector that allows the user to detect smaller metal contaminants down to 0.8 mm in diameter, within aluminium-wrapped products.

Sanitary metal detector

01 July, 2008

The latest metal detector for the food processing and packaging industry from JL Lennard is the Apex 500, claimed to be the most sensitive, yet easy-to-operate metal detector available.

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