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Kalsec Fusionary Heat ingredients

24 June, 2014

Kalsec has available a line of heat-delivery products, which combine pungency with other flavours including savoury, sour, sweet and tangy.

MSG linked to obesity and liver disease

16 June, 2014

Monosodium glutamate has been linked to obesity and progressive liver disease. A study identifies MSG as a critical factor in the initiation of obesity and shows that while a restrictive diet won't stop obesity, it can slow the progression of related liver disease.

Ungerer Australia powder flavours

25 May, 2014

Ungerer has compiled an extensive library of powder flavours. Once a selection has been made, or a new development created, the company does not impose restrictive minimum order quantities.

Flavour chemicals

19 May, 2014

Australian Energy Valley has a range of flavour chemicals including the Gamma-Lactone Series.

Nu-Tek Salt Advanced Formula Potassium Chloride

18 May, 2014

Nu-Tek Salt Advanced Formula Potassium Chloride was developed to meet the demand for reduced sodium in the food industry. The sodium-reduction solution helps food companies offer a healthier product to consumers.

Kalsec natural spice and herb extracts, colours, antioxidants

13 May, 2014

Kalsec provides a full line of natural spice and herb flavour extracts, natural colours, natural antioxidants and advanced hop products.

Kalsec carotenes from carrot extract

22 January, 2014

Kalsec has available carotenes from carrot extract as a natural colour source. The extracts are a suitable replacement for Yellow 5 and 6, mixed carotenoids and synthetic beta-carotene.

Root vegies the new source of natural colourings

09 September, 2013

Speakers at the 246th National Meeting & Exposition of the ACS described how natural colours that were in use centuries ago are making a resurgence in response to consumer preferences, manufacturers' needs and their potential health benefits.

Manufacturers urged to switch to natural colours

06 September, 2013

A leading authority on natural food colours has urged Australian food manufacturers to convert to natural food colours. Chr. Hansen's Ji Hoong Too said that Australia is falling behind developing markets in conversion to natural colours.

FDA permits spirulina blue as colour additive

22 August, 2013

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved a petition filed by Mars Inc to permit the use of spirulina extract as a colour additive in candy and chewing gum.

LycoRed Tomat-O-Red vegetarian red colourant range

27 June, 2013

LycoRed has developed a range of vegetarian red colourants as part of its Tomat-O-Red line of tomato lycopene colour for various food and beverage applications.

Ungerer to sample a selection of natural flavours at Foodtech Packtech 2012

27 July, 2012

Ungerer will sample a selection of some of its natural flavours in confectionery and beverages at Foodtech Packtech 2012.

LycoRed Sante flavour enhancer for powdered and canned soups

04 May, 2012

Israeli company LycoRed has adapted its natural enhancer Sante for flavour enhancement of powdered and canned soups. The company claims the product will allow salt reduction of up to 30% without tomato flavour notes.

Rosemary extract EU legislation

29 June, 2011 by

Kalsec has raised concerns over inaccurate and confusing labelling advice surrounding recently instigated EU legislation permitting the use of specific rosemary extracts as approved additives: antioxidants.

Ballantyne Foods boutique range of cheese powders

06 May, 2011 by

Ballantyne Foods has developed a boutique range of cheese powders that will boost the appeal of foods with an authentic and intense cheese flavour.

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