Colour me surprised: studying how colour impacts consumers


Wednesday, 01 December, 2021

Colour me surprised: studying how colour impacts consumers

GNT, producer of EXBERRY plant-based food colourings, has launched ‘The Power of Color’, research into how colour impacts consumers and their views towards products. It is hoped that the results of this research will allow brands to better understand how to use colours to attract and connect to consumers.

The research relies on the fields of psychology and semiotics and the results will help brands approach colour with a clearer understanding of ways in which it can be helpful or harmful to use certain colours on packaging and in foods.

“It’s clear that a one-size-fits-all approach to colour is rapidly becoming outdated. As a service provider, innovation has always been in our DNA and this trailblazing project enables us to help customers find the cutting-edge colouring solutions they need to strengthen their market position and reach new audiences,” said Maartje Hendrickx, Market Development Manager at GNT.

Psychologists will be researching the motivations behind consumer choices, such as what they buy and why they choose or avoid particular items. The psychological studies are to build an inside-out perspective of colour and its effects on markets.

That research will be combined with the output from semioticians — those studying the science of meaning and messages. This research will look at how colour codes and cues can create meanings across a variety of situations, as well as how colour can change or reflect emotions. For example, yellows or reds might be evocative of vibrant moods while blues can be calming.

“Colour can send out any number of messages about brands and products. It might signal a moment of blissful escapism, tell stories about origins and process, showcase powerful ingredients or help to highlight healthy formulations. The Power of Color helps brands think about colour in a new way, delving deeper than ever before into its cultural power while also exploring the psychology behind colour trends,” said Jill Janssen, GNT’s Power of Color lead.

More information about The Power of Color will be available in 2022.

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