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Grains exports could rise 20% by 2030

21 April, 2016

The expanding middle class in Asia could result in an increase in Australia's wheat exports income from $5.7 billion to $7 billion by 2030.

An algae shake and a critter fritter please — ensuring there will be enough protein available to feed the world in 2050

14 April, 2016

It is estimated that by 2050 an extra 265 million tonnes of protein will be needed to feed the world's population. This means that current production levels will have to be raised by about 50%.

The politics of jasmine rice

13 April, 2016 by Grace Chua

How Thailand's bureaucratic policies and organisations affect the development of its rice economy.

Improving rice's resistance to leaf blight

05 August, 2015

In a discovery that could boost rice crop yields and lead to more disease-resistant types of rice, biologists studying bacterial leaf blight have discovered how the rice plant's immune system is triggered by the disease.

Can superfood quinoa reap super profits for Australia?

03 August, 2015

Australia's agricultural sector is looking to cash in on the quinoa trend, with a three-year national trial of the 'superfood' commencing across five Australian states.

Roll over porridge: wheat could rival oats and barley for lowering cholesterol

08 July, 2015

Wheat-based products are far more popular with consumers than oats or barley, but until now wheat could not make the 'lowers cholesterol' claim that makes the other grains attractive.

Premium fragrant rice developed for Australian conditions

10 September, 2014

A new premium rice variety has been developed for Australia. Topaz rice will be available to rice growers in October 2014.

Super spaghetti and other dietary fibre futures

28 July, 2014

Super spaghetti is just one of the items on the plate of Adelaide researchers as they develop better quality pasta with improved health benefits.

Gluten-free, wheat-free, lactose-free

11 July, 2014

Individual nutritional lifestyle choices are changing the bakery market in developed countries like Germany.

Enhanced wholegrains: nature's best superfood

30 June, 2014

With consumers becoming increasingly health conscious, the demand for cereal and bread products with wholegrains will continue to increase - placing pressure on food manufacturers to incorporate new superfoods in their products to keep up with consumer demands.

New export malt quality barley named

13 September, 2013

A new barley variety has been officially named at the Australian Barley Technical Symposium. The IGB1101, now officially named La Trobe, will reportedly improve export opportunities for Australian growers in medium to low rainfall areas.

There’s a new nut in the marketplace

26 July, 2013

Sandalwood is best known as a fragrant wood but long before it was a major export from Western Australia, local Indigenous communities used the sandalwood nuts as a food source. The nuts are low in saturated fats, high in mono and polyunsaturated fats. Somewhat similar to Brazil nuts and with a glutinous texture, the nuts are now commercially available.

Wild grass could boost UK wheat yields by 30%

16 May, 2013

Synthetic wheats made from ancient wheat and wild grass species can create a bridge for transferring novel sources of genetic diversity from wild relatives into varieties already being farmed. Researchers are claiming that UK wheat yields could be boosted by up to 30% with the introduction of a new wheat bred from a wild grass species.

High fructan barley

16 May, 2013

CSIRO has developed a barley variety high in fructans which will enable food producers to deliver wholegrain food with greater potential health benefits provided by one natural ingredient.

Why sourdough bread resists mould

22 February, 2013

Sourdough bread resists mould, unlike conventionally leavened bread. It seems that during sourdough production, bacteria convert the linoleic acid in bread flour to a compound that has powerful antifungal activity.

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