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QR-coded milk could reduce food waste

03 June, 2022

Cornell University researchers are assessing whether a QR code instead of a simple expiry date could be more accurate and therefore reduce the amount of milk waste.

Coles launches carbon-neutral certified beef range

21 April, 2022

Coles has launched its certified own-brand carbon-neutral beef product range — certified as carbon neutral by Climate Active.

Research: Microplastics entering human food chain

19 April, 2022

A team of SA scientists has warned that microplastics are now finding their way into human food supplies — including wild-caught and ocean-farmed fish and seafood.

Edible silk design to extend shelf life of food is awarded

12 April, 2022

The development of a silk-based film that keeps food fresh has netted an MIT academic an innovation award.

Scientists use texture from bug wings for antibacterial plastic

21 March, 2022

Scientists have utilised a nanotexture on insect wings to make an antibacterial coating that can passively kill up to 70% of bacteria.

Lunchbox study of added sugar in fruit snacks

02 February, 2022

An audit of school lunches has shown that many packaged fruit snacks include unhealthy levels of sugar.

Kellogg's UK to have accessibility technology on boxes

08 September, 2021

The system will allow for blind and partially sighted people to access important information by scanning a code on the box.

Morphing pasta: from 2D to 3D to save packaging

07 May, 2021

A simple mechanism has been developed to produce 3D foods, such as pasta, in flattened forms, which could potentially reduce waste from plastic packaging.

Bundaberg and Amazon team up for variety pack

14 January, 2021

Australian brewer Bundaberg has partnered with Amazon on a 12-bottle variety pack made for the online shopping site.

China: COVID-19 found living on cold chain food packaging

19 October, 2020

The contaminated food packaging could present a risk to both import and export cold chain workers. 

Turning banana waste into food packaging

22 May, 2020

UNSW celebrates research that has uncovered a way to turn waste banana stalks into biodegradable and recyclable packaging material for the food industry.

Nestlé institute for packaging research opens

23 September, 2019

A world where no Nestlé packaging ends up in landfill is the vision behind Nestlé's new Institute of Packaging Sciences in Vevey, Switzerland.

Popping champagne corks creates mini supersonic shockwaves

23 September, 2019

The gases expelled from champagne bottlenecks are akin to those emitted by jetfighters and rockets, as scientists revealed through high-speed photography.

Tetra Pak launches paper straws in Europe

19 July, 2019

Tetra Pak has commenced field testing for its paper straws in Europe, in a step to crafting biodegradable products from plant-based materials.

Alcohol ads in sport impact drinking attitudes

30 April, 2019

Research has found that repeated exposure to alcohol advertising in sport, particularly a popular brand, leads to more positive attitudes towards alcohol in general.

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