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The GS1 Barcode celebrates 40 years

04 July, 2013

GS1, a not-for-profit organisation which facilitates collaboration among trading partners with global standards across 150 countries is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Smart bottle ignites beer packaging world

01 July, 2013

Heineken has launched Ignite, the world’s first smart beer bottle, which can interact with other Ignite bottles, its environment and the people around it using microsensors and wireless networking technology.

‘Twist to open’ wine cork launched in Europe

19 June, 2013

Amorim and O-I have announced the European launch of a new cork-glass wine packaging solution for the popular premium and fast-turnaround still wine market.

Innovative ceramic labelling wins Australia’s Best White Wine Bottle award

07 June, 2013

Taylors Wines has won the Australia’s Best White Wine Bottle category for its Promised Land Moscato, which features applied ceramic labelling.

Mixed response to BPA study

03 June, 2013

A journal article claiming that bisphenol A (BPA) exposure during pregnancy in mice can affect brain function and behaviour has drawn mixed responses from experts.

Phthalates raise blood pressure in children, study suggests

29 May, 2013

Phthalates are odourless, colourless and just about everywhere: flooring, plastic cups, beach balls, plastic wrap, intravenous tubing and - according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - the bodies of most Americans.

Natural antimicrobials increasingly preferred over synthetic

14 May, 2013

Functional food ingredients will increasingly be used as active agents in food antimicrobial coatings, Frost & Sullivan has predicted.

Ardagh launches ‘next-generation’ food can

08 May, 2013

Ten years of hard work has paid off for Ardagh and Bonduelle, culminating in the launch of a new food can that delivers environmental benefits as well as enhanced consumer appeal.

Fungi in your drink

06 May, 2013

A research project at Indiana State University into Kraft’s Capri Sun, a popular packaged drink in the US, has found five types of fungus.

Nanobiotechnology fights foodborne illnesses

09 April, 2013

Researchers have developed a new method to kill deadly pathogenic bacteria, including listeria, in food handling and packaging. The method offers an alternative to the use of antibiotics and chemical decontamination in food supply systems.

Organic ‘health halo’ changes consumer perceptions

04 April, 2013

The power of an organic label can be very strong: studies have shown that this simple label can lead us to think that a food is healthier, through what is known as the ‘health halo effect’.

Taking the guesswork out of ‘best before’ dates

08 March, 2013

Millions of tons of still-edible food are thrown away each year because the ‘best before’ date has passed. Wouldn’t it be handy if the packaging could ‘test’ whether the contents are still safe to eat?

Recycling and risk

01 March, 2013 by Ralph Moyle MAIP, National President, Australian Institute of Packaging

The issue of Mineral Oil Hydrocarbons (MOHs) migration into foods continues to grow. Not all news on this issue is consistent and it is another challenge to packaging technologists.

O-I partners with university to advance R&D

28 February, 2013

Owens-Illinois Inc has signed a three-year agreement with the University of Toledo’s Department of Chemical & Environmental Engineering to support research at O-I’s new R&D Innovation Center.

CHOICE launches Pack Attack

26 February, 2013

CHOICE has launched Pack Attack - a campaign calling on manufacturers to adopt packaging that is not difficult or dangerous to open. The consumer watchdog is asking consumers to submit photos of difficult-to-open packaging.

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