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CHOICE launches Pack Attack

26 February, 2013

CHOICE has launched Pack Attack - a campaign calling on manufacturers to adopt packaging that is not difficult or dangerous to open. The consumer watchdog is asking consumers to submit photos of difficult-to-open packaging.

Evergreen by name, evergreen by nature

25 February, 2013

University of South Carolina scientists are working to give the term ‘evergreen’ a new meaning, developing new plastics that are based on polymers from pine trees, firs and other conifers.

Joint development agreement heats up

11 February, 2013

HeatGenie has expanded its joint development agreement with packaging products supplier Crown Holdings for beverage and shippable soup packaging as part of its plans to expand its HeatGenie self-heating technology to the market.

Melamine involved in further health concerns

25 January, 2013

Taiwanese researchers have found that people eating hot soup from melamine bowls excreted higher levels of melamine in their urine than those eating from ceramic bowls.

‘Organic’ doesn’t always transform into sales

11 December, 2012

Labelling food as ‘organic’ may not always lead to a positive impression and outcome.

Finns develop efficient bio-based plastic production technique

10 December, 2012

The VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland has developed a technique that enables the production of the PGA monomer glycolic acid from bio-based materials more efficiently than before.

Resealable packages: a frustration-free alternative

30 November, 2012 by Glenn Woodworth, Managing Director, Blue Sky Packaging representing Zip-Pak in Australia and New Zealand

‘Package rage’ - the anger consumers feel when negotiating a difficult-to-open package - could soon be a thing of the past, as manufacturers start to realise that consumer satisfaction goes far beyond product.

Consumers prefer clamshells to cardboard

05 November, 2012

Recent research has shown that consumers have a strong preference for clear plastic clamshell packaging over printed cardboard boxes, with 402% more purchases recorded for clamshells.

Cheaper bioplastics from waste oil

17 September, 2012

University of Wolverhampton researchers have found a way to use waste oil from deep-fried food to create environmentally friendly plastic cheaply.

MonoSol develops edible, water-soluble food packaging

07 September, 2012

Engineered from Vivos films, Vivos Edible Delivery Systems break down and release their contents when exposed to hot or cold liquids. The dissolved food can be consumed along with the food.

Companies collaborate to produce antimicrobial trays and films

31 August, 2012

LINPAC Packaging has collaborated with Addmaster to create a range of trays and films with built-in antimicrobial technology to reduce bacteria growth on the outer packaging of fresh meat.

Compostable biopolymer trials show extended brassica shelf life

20 July, 2012

A new film for packaging fresh produce has performed well in trials with brassicas, which tend to deteriorate after just one day on the shelf.

Bemis and Thinfilm partner to create flexible sensing platform

12 July, 2012

Thin Film Electronics and Bemis have announced an agreement to develop a new category of packaging that can collect and wirelessly communicate sensor information.

Innovia Films launches dedicated NatureFlex website

28 June, 2012

NatureFlex, Innovia Films’ compostable, cellulose-based packaging product, now has its own website:

New beverage can plant to open in Cambodia

17 May, 2012

Metal packaging supplier Crown Holdings announced its intention to build a new beverage can plant in Sihanoukville in Cambodia. The new plant will accommodate multiple can lines and will initially produce 725 million two-piece 330mL cans annually. Crown anticipates the plant will be operational in Q3 2013.

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