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Fit-out for Lite n’ Easy

23 February, 2011

Brady IPS, food facility and cold storage builders, has completed a fit-out for Lite n’ Easy at Carrum Downs in Melbourne’s south east.

A new home for Charlie’s Cookies

23 February, 2011

Food-facility and cold-storage builders Brady IPS has recently completed the new fit-out for Charlie’s Cookies at East Bentleigh in Melbourne’s south east. The construction features a large production area, cool rooms, wash rooms, oven area, amenities and office fit-out.

Efaflex SST high-speed roll door

16 February, 2011 by

Maintaining a low carbon footprint is one of the goals of most food enterprises not only to benefit the environment, but also to minimise operational costs. One method of achieving this is by protecting busy openings from temperature loss by installing a high-speed insulating roll door.

Closing the coolroom door at Inghams Chickens

06 September, 2010 by

Total Doors recently provided a solution for coolroom door access in a new food storage complex.

DMF International Efaflex SRT-EC high-speed roll door

08 July, 2010 by

The Efaflex SRT-EC high-speed roll door is suitable for hygienic food processing applications. The door is designed for internal applications requiring a high level of hygiene control and good speed to minimise loss of conditioned atmosphere.

Hide processing facility

04 May, 2010

Wiley has completed a state-of-the-art hide processing facility for Swift Australia.

Krones factory planning

03 May, 2010 by

An optimally conceived beverage plant needs state-of-the-art technology with the best possible material flows in a responsively tailored building, with comprehensive IT networking and well-matched utilities. The owners of these production and bottling facilities prioritise not only flexibility and expandability, but also low capital investment and operating costs, coupled with qualitative and quantitative excellence, so as to achieve maximised profitability.

DMF International insulated sectional door

08 January, 2010

DMF International has added an insulated sectional door to its range of door solutions. The doors are designed for use in loading docks and coolrooms as an alternative to sliding doors and roller shutters.

Hygienic high-speed door

01 September, 2009

The Efaflex SRT-EC high-speed roll door has been designed for internal applications requiring stringent hygiene control.

Banana room doors

06 July, 2009 by

The Tru-Therm insulated sectional door is a heavy-duty solution for banana room doors. Featuring gas-tight seals, vision panels and motor drives, the doors are long lasting and easy to use.

World Omega-3 leader installs Australian-made Calair pneumatic system

06 July, 2009 by

An Australian-manufactured tough, light and recyclable pneumatic reticulation system has been selected for use in an AU$20 million expansion by the largest fish oil manufacturer in the world.

Wire mesh cable trays

01 April, 2009 by

Wire mesh cable trays are easy and quick to install.

Modular safety lighting

01 April, 2009 by

The Elfin Modular Safety Lighting range includes warning lights, access illuminators and machinery cabinet lights.

Floor advisory service

31 March, 2009 by

The design and subsequent maintenance of concrete floors is often neglected and this can result in problems that often centre around joints and surface finishes on the concrete. Joints may be either saw cuts which are not expected to move and where it is hoped that the floor may crack if it is gone to and construction joints which are designed to move to accommodate expansion.

Aluminium high-speed folding doors

31 March, 2009 by

The Efaflex AS Aluminium high-speed folding door can accommodate openings up to 6 m high and 8 m wide which are exposed to high winds.

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