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Cool technology to power refrigerated trucks

09 September, 2013

Most refrigerated trucks and delivery vans used to rely on diesel power to keep their cargoes at the desired temperature, but now silent, emmission-free fuels are being trialled as an alternative.

Egg producer to install biogas digester

05 August, 2013

Darling Downs Fresh Eggs will become the first Australian egg producer to install a biogas digester to power its poultry business. The project is expected to reduce the business’s current grid electricity usage by 60% in the first year.

Turning wastewater into green energy

16 July, 2013

The United Farmer and Industry cane sugar mill in Thailand is one of the latest mills to use GWE Anaerobic technology. The plant has a capacity of 3500 cubic metres a day of wastewater, containing 22,750 kg per day COD of natural origin that can be broken down into biogas by anaerobic bacteria.

Swedish retailer keeps cool in the sun

26 June, 2013

Dagab’s cold storage warehouse is powered by 407 solar cells, which generate 87,000 kWh electricity per year - roughly the amount of energy required to heat five average-sized homes.

Oiling the wheels of sustainable change

18 June, 2013

Alba Edible Oils received a grant of nearly $500,000 as part of the Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program. The company has reduced energy wastage by more than 80%, saving $190,000 per year in energy costs.

$43K grant saves $87K annually

28 May, 2013

A $43,758 Clean Technology Investment Program grant is helping Amcor reduce its carbon emissions intensity by 5% and decrease its annual energy bill by $87,000.

Government grants can reduce your company’s energy bill by up to 50% - act now

06 May, 2013

Did you know your company could benefit from up to $500K from Australian Government Energy Efficiency grants for manufacturers? But time may be running out, with the Opposition planning to abolish such carbon tax-driven incentives. This paper shows you how to apply now, including tips to give your application the best chance of success.

Activ8+ energy efficiency and sustainability program

01 May, 2013

Energy Action offers a unique energy efficiency and sustainability partnership program, Activ8+.

Save energy through lighting management

25 February, 2013

Energy is a significant controllable cost for every manufacturing business and the more energy you save in your business, the more profitable you can be.

Brewery commits to best in production and environmental protection

20 December, 2012

Founded in 1634, Paulaner has a long history of producing quality Weissbier. But the traditional brewery is also playing a leading role in environmental protection.

Flash steam recovery delivers large energy savings

23 October, 2012

Spirax Sarco designed a solution that combined Affco NZ’s need for condensate return and a hot water system into a large energy-savings project. The solution paid off in just over a year.

Queensland companies receive energy-efficiency grants

24 August, 2012

Bundaberg Sugar and Proteco Gold have received grants as part of the Government’s Clean Technology Investment Programs to install energy-efficient equipment.

Transfield Worley plant design, project management and maintenance services

31 July, 2012

Transfield Worley - a multidisciplinary company with expertise in engineering, project delivery, maintenance and process optimisation - is exhibiting at Foodtech Packtech 2012.

Exair adds data logger to its digital flow meter

20 July, 2012

Exair’s digital flow meter, for monitoring compressed air usage and identifying costly leaks, now includes a USB data logger for easy viewing and export of historical data.

Schneider Electric iEM3000, EM3500 and PM3200 DIN rail-mounted meters

14 June, 2012

The iEM3000, EM3500 and PM3200 series three-phase DIN rail-mounted energy and power meters are designed for energy reporting, bill validation and cost allocation applications.

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